Pardus Linux Operating System from Turkey New Version Dama Dama

Pardus is a Linux operating system and now days it is more popular among the world community. Turkey government is sponsored to create this Pardus Linux OS and that is the specialty of Pardus. This OS is open for the world and you can download it from here. This is made out for the special purposes of Turkey government but also ordinary people can use this Pardus OS.  

The newest version of Pardus called “Dama Dama” (Pardus 2011.1) lately released and it has both 32 bit and 64 bit architecture. For “Dama dama” Turkey used Linux Kernel and is has a shape of Gentoo Linux OS. “Dama dama” contains KDE SC 4.6.5 desktop environment, Libre Office 3.4(Office Package), The Gimp 2.5.11(Photo editing tool) and Mozilla Firefox 5 as web browser.

Pardus is somewhat smaller Linux OS but it is fast. Web Security and OS security is the main concern of Pardus. Turkey government asking their people to use this Turkey owned OS and all the Turkey government offices use Pardus now. Actually the main concern of creating the country owns new OS is the safety of country from hackers.

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