Find Total Downloaded and Uploaded Data Usage Easily

This is very good and light weight software that can use to monitor net speed easily. I thought this is very useful to you. As internet users it is very good to know about the stats of Current uploaded and downloaded data usage because most of the time you have to pay for the data usage if it is not unlimited connection. 

You can monitor data speed, monthly data usage and daily data usage easily from this software. Most importantly the good thing is these records are very accurate. This is one click install software and compatible for any windows versions after 2003(XP, Vista, 7). There an icon in the taskbar for this software.

You can download the software

For 32 bit Users:  Download Here
For 64 bit Users:  Download Here

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Will Windows 8 Releases on October 2012 ?

I think that you all know about the next release of windows, Its WINDOWS 8. The beta version of the windows 8 has published before 2, 3 months back.

Nearly 40000 employees worked together to the success of windows 8. Most of official sites published that the windows 8 will officially release on 2013. Most of computer users are waiting for windows 8 to interact with its new features. So when this Windows 8 releases? 2013?

There’s a rumour going through the internet that the windows 8 will release on Last week of October 2012. I think its good news for windows users. But this is not yet officially published on the official sites. But you can see it in the near future that this gossip is correct or not.
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