Where Apple Nokia Samsung Dell Hp Sony Manufacture? in Taiwan?

Apple Nokia Samsung Dell Hp Sony Manufacture in Taiwan
Samsung Galaxy , IBM machines, Sony Ericsson Mobiles, Apple iPod, HP pavilion laptops, Dell laptops, Cisco, Acer laptops, Blackberry mobiles, Panasonic TVs…

In above list expressed some of the electric items that we use in day today life. Most of them are very famous brands in the market. Do you know where this all “Original Equipment Manufacturers” are? Will you believe all these electric items originally manufacture in just only 10 companies? I also shocked but that is true that all the famous electric items in the world manufacture just only in 10 companies.

Famous “Foxconn” in Tucheng, Taiwan is the largest company among these 10 companies (Foxconn has motherboard with their brand name).  The electric items and brands manufactures in the Foxconn is unthinkable.
Some of electric items that are manufacture in Foxconn are Dell laptops, Apple iPod, Apple iPad, Apple iPhones, Acer laptops, Nokia phones, HP laptops, Amazon Kindler, Nintendo console, Intel chips, Sony Ericsson (SONY) phones and Cisco routers etc.  

The other main EMC (electronics manufacturing services) provider’s headquarters,

  • FoxConn - Thaiwan       
  • Celestica - Canada
  • Flextronics - Singapore
  • Compal - Taiwan
  • Jabil - United States
  • Inventec - Taiwan
  • Quanta Computer- Taiwan
  • Wistron - Taiwan
  • TPV - Hong Kong, China
  • Sanmina SCI - United States

You can see most of the company’s headquarters are placed in China, Taiwan area, some of the companies are in USA but the workshop of those companies also placed in China area.  Less labor cost is the main reason those companies placed in those areas.

Though these EMC companies manufacture lots of items, the revenue share gain from these companies are very less. As an example think about a Apple iPod: the idea of the iPod, Design, Circuit Design, Software are install by the Apple company so it will gain a High revenue share. EMC companies just only do physical manufacture the electronic physical device.

As most of this biggest EMC companies placed in Taiwan and China, It will help them to create duplicate low quality mobile phones, iPods etc because they can gain most of the technical secrets among these companies.   
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What to Do If Your PC Has a Harmful Virus?

Why virus spreads around all the disks, after completely removal of the virus using an antivirus? I think this common question for the most of computer users.  This incident happens because of the virus already in the computer when the antivirus software install.

Most of computer users install a virus guard because to remove all the present viruses in the computer. After the virus scan most of the viruses are remove permanently but some are remove temporary and again grow inside the computer. These temporarily removed viruses are spreading again inside the disks after removal using antivirus. Because of these temporarily removing viruses are working with the operating system. If you remove it 100 times again it grows. So what is the solution for this problem?

There are two solutions you can use to clear the virus from the disk,
  • Boot the computer from the “Rescue disk” and try to remove the virus.
  • This is the easiest solution: Connected the virus infected hard disk to another computer which has a virus guard, and then remove all the viruses.

I think now you have two solutions for this annoying problem, please test this and comment your result. What is the best antivirus software you preferred?  
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