Hawk-Eye Technology System for Accuracy of Sport

Now days Hawk Eye technology mostly uses in sports like cricket, tennis, snooker etc. If we think sports like tennis or cricket, this technology use to identify the route of the ball, fault service or not (Tennis), LBW (cricket) like facts. So if umpire has done any mistake Hawk Eye technology solve the problem.  The bunch of Engineers in Rock Manor Research Institute in United Kingdom is the founders of this technology. After that this Hawk-Eye becomes popular in the world. Actually Hawk-Eye is just a commercial name of this technology. Lets we look at how this technology works?

I’ll explain it by using sports (Tennis or cricket). First the technical team of Hawk Eye create a “3 Dimensional Model” of the play ground in the computer. Then they setup 4 high speed cameras around the ground (Actual Play ground) (In cricket it covers the pitch, in tennis it covers the court) and mark that actual camera positions in 3 Dimensional Model also. The important thing is these high speed cameras do not change its positions throughout the match (Else all calculation will go wrong).

When ball is in the air these high speed cameras stars to take photos of the ball. 4 cameras are synchronised to take photos in same time intervals. In each and every photo the centre of the ball feeds to the computer as a parameter. As we take photos from 4 cameras the system can draw the ball in 3D model (in 1 second, 1 camera will take like 100 photos).  That’s how this hawks eye technology works. But there are some errors also in this Hawk-Eye technology. What are they?

In this system in doesn’t care about the wind speed and also when the ball bounces can we get the full accuracy path? But will all the errors the maximum error can be 5mm. 

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