Robo Earth Database to Network Robots

“Robo Earth” program is an idea of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. This “Robo Earth” does is working as a global database for all Robots in the world. Now days there are so many Robot working around the earth and it worked only instructions it has (All the knowledge of the environments that Robot have to gain individually).  So there are no any standards for Robots, if there is a standard for Robots, they can share their knowledge with other Robots and increase the efficiency.  

“Robo Earth” is a network or communication channel for Robots and also it is a global database for them. This database contains the knowledge of that each Robot gains in the environment. As an example if a Robot working in the kitchen, he knows the road map of a kitchen, temperature of the kitchen, humidity of the kitchen, obstacles map in the kitchen etc. That Robot uploads its knowledge about the kitchen to the “Robo Earth” database, so a new Robot can easily work in the kitchen with previous Robot details in “Robo Earth” database. No need again program the new Robot, new Robot can directly connect to “Robo Earth” and download the knowledge where previously uploaded. So new Robot can work like a experienced one.

This is really like an internet for Robots; there are some protocols and standard to connect Robot and sharing information.  I think this is good news for Robots; they can use their Internet (“Robo Earth”) to share information and improve their Artificial intelligence. Robots can transformation with this network and humans can get the full benefit of it. I think “Robo Earth” will be a new Era for Robot and humans because in future Robots may do lots of work than human. “Robo Earth” will be a police for Robots. 

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