Importance of CMOS vs BIOS Settings

To start the mother board there should be some in-built instruction be in somewhere inside computer. The “BIOS” (Basic Input Output System) is the in-built instructions to start the mother board. These instructions are located in a special chip and we can’t change BIOS basic data.

The instruction need to run the BIOS program are located inside the motherboard, in a special chip call “CMOS - Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor”. The speciality of this chip is it can store the data for a very longer period with little battery power. As an example your computer date and time auto updates using this CMOS.

If we remove and again fix the battery, following details again we have to correct.
  • Date & Time
  • First Boot Device
  • VGA / AGP Shared Memory
  • Input/ Output Device
  • CMOS password

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