SOPA - Stop Online Piracy Act, Banned Internet?

If you're aware of the current world technical news, you should definitely hear about this SOPA. SOPA defines by "Stop Online Piracy Act”. This is a new Act going to confirm in USA and it can limit the use of internet. If you're in outside USA, you will think that "this is an Act in USA so there's no any harm". You're wrong, this Act will harm to each and every person in the world who use internet.

What is this Act can do? This Act gives the full priority to USA government to control and limit the internet access. Simply what they do is blocking the "DNS access" of particular sites (against the law).

What kind of sites can be block because of this Act?  If the website content contains any unauthorized stuff, site can be block. Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and also web hosting provides are in very danger because of this Act. As an example, in facebook, users are publishing various kind of stuffs, that stuffs can be contain some unauthorized things against to that SOPA law, then Facebook is in danger, thou it publish by normal user, the site owner should  responsible for it. 

Site owners will face various problems because of this Act.
1. USA traffic will reduce
2. Ad revenue can be reduce

As this harmful Act, most of the web content should be remove and also born of new sites reduces because of the SOPA law.

Harms of SOPA law
1. Most of the American web sites can be blocked 
2. Big emails will check before delivery
3. Social Network content will ban.

Most of the people do not like this SOPA Act and they start to show the objection to the USA government. If this SOPA Act confirmed it would be a grateful harm to all users of the internet. 
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Denis Ritchie Founder of UNIX Operating System and C Programming

Denis Ritchie is one of most unrivalled computer scientist in ever history. Sadly he has passed away recently in 70 years old.  Denis Ritchie is the greatest scientist who found the operating system technology to the world and he is the founder of UNIX operating system (UNIX is the base of every operating system).
He is an American and he developed UNIX operating system for Bell Labs Company where he works at 1975. Denis Ritchie and his group develop UNIX 6 operating system and it commercialized in 1975.
Do you believe that Denis Ritchie is the person who develops “C programming language”? He is the founder of C programming language also. C programming language is the base language of all other languages currently use. So without Denis Ritchie’s these 2 innovations, can you think of any computer work?

In 1980 Microsoft releases a 16 bit OS called “Xenix” for micro computers and it is the base OS for current versions of windows. This “Xenix” operating system is an upgrade of UNIX. So without UNIX no windows.
In 1985 Apple create an OS called “NeXT” and it is the base of MAC OS. This “NeXT” also developed with UNIX. Some of the codes written by Denis Ritchie in 1971 still can be found in the latest versions of MAC OS kernels. So without UNIX no MAC.

In 1987 Andrew S. Tanenbaum developed the MINIX Operating system using UNIX OS. This MINIX kernel upgraded by Linus Torvalds and created the LINUX OS. LINUX kernel use for develop various OS like Ubuntu, Fedora etc. Still UNIX source codes can be found in this Linux kernel.

Famous OSes like WINDOWS, MAC, and LINUX are basically developed with UNIX (Lately found that Chrome OS also use the codes of MINIX).  Now you can understand how big the Denis Ritchie’s innovations are.  

Denis Ritchie born in 1941 Sept 09 at New York and he got PHD from University of Harvard in 1968.  As his contribution to the computer science he awarded the “Turing award” in 1983. “Turing award” called the Nobel Prize for computer science. 
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Computer Memory Measurement Units

When you buy a computer, most of your friends will ask “What is RAM size?”, “What is hard disk size?” etc. Your answers would be “2GB RAM and 300GB Hard”.  What you expressed by “GB”? GB means Gigabyte and it is kind of a unit to measure the computer memory. Can your brain memory measure in GB?

When you download a film, your friend will ask “how is the file size?” you will give a answer like 700MB. So what is this MB, GB etc, those are the measuring unit of the computer memory and the computer files sizes. “YottaByte” is the largest computer memory measurement unit introduced. This is how computer memory units connect with each other.
  • kilobyte (kB)   X 1024   = 1 X megabyte(MB)
  • megabyte(MB) X 1024   = 1 X gigabyte(GB)
  • gigabyte(GB)   X 1024   =1 X terabyte(TB)
  • terabyte(TB)   X 1024   = 1 X petabyte(PB)
  • petabyte(PB)  X 1024   = 1 X exabyte(EB)
  • exabyte(EB)    X 1024   = 1 X zettabyte(ZB)
  • zettabyte(ZB) X 1024   = 1 X yottabyte(YB)
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Microsoft and Mozilla, Bing Search Engine Comes with Firefox

This is the latest league of Microsoft and Mozilla. Now with the Firefox browser, Bing search engine comes as the default search engine. This is a new agreement between Mozilla and Microsoft companies and to publish this around the world Microsoft launched a new website ( By using above site you can download the Firefox with default Bing search engine. In previously if you want Bing search engine with Firefox you have to download the Add-on and install it.

This is a new strategy of Microsoft to promote their search engine and give a competition to Google. In the world internet community, 52.6% using internet explorer, 22.5% using Firefox and 17.6% using Google Chrome. With the browsers, Microsoft has a clear lead but with the search engines Microsoft is way below to the Google. In world community 82.4% using Google search, 6.8% using Yahoo search engine and only 4.2% using Bing search engine.

Microsoft needs a quick boost of their search engine Bing, which is the plan of this agreement. With this agreement Microsoft can introduce their Bing search engine to Firefox users. Gaining a Free publicity to Firefox browser is the advantage to Mozilla. 50 – 50 advantages to both parties but can Bing SE give a competition to Google?  
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Human Robot ASIMO of Honda, New Generation Robot

What is the mean of “humanoid robot” or “anthropomorphic robot”? If a robot designs as the shape of human body those are called “humanoid robot” or “anthropomorphic robot”. The Japanese company “Honda” is very famous for designs humanoid robots. “ASIMO” (Advances Step in Innovation Mobility) is the first humanoid robots released by Honda in year 2000.

In early days, ASIMO robot can handle only limited number of tasks; it’s just a general robot with a human kit. But Honda not stopped with that, recently they developed a new generation of “ASIMO” as their latest releases. In 2011 Nov 8, they showed their new version of ASIMO, it’s a multipurpose robot and really like a kid.

New ASIMO can talk with 3 people simultaneously and identified their command separately. And also new ASIMO can answer the 3 people command separately. This humanoid robot has very flexible fingers and ASIMO can easily pour water from bottle to glass.

New ASIMO has a flexible hands and legs, it works same as human. This characteristic helps this robot to jump, run, walk in inclined surface, walk in steps and many more. The help of these ASIMO robots is they can easily use to work places that harm to people. As an example they can use to clean the destroyed nuclear power plants. The new ASIMO is creates a new generation of Robots and it will really helpful in future work.
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What is CSV files and CSV File Format?

When you use day today files in computer did you ever experienced a file type (file extension) called “CSV”? “CSV” file format can be used to store data (like database). Actually CSV files store data as “basic database format”. Most of the websites use this CSV files to keep their data without using a database. The biggest advantage of CSV file is it can be opened with any text editor (can edit manually). Other advantage is this data can easily input to the website or program. As an example, a website needs to track on phones (1000 phones) then the website can use CSV file to keep this 1000 phone details.

If you want to create a CSV file you can use software like Microsoft Excel. Enter the data in the excel sheet and save the Xcel file with extension “.csv”. 

This is how “CSV” file look when it opens in notepad.
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Microsoft Office 15, Release on 2012 or 2014?

This is the latest news published in Microsoft is about Microsoft office package 15 (the latest). Before this edition there was 14 Microsoft office packages and that’s why this edition called as “Microsoft office 15” package (Latest published version is Microsoft office 2010 and that’s Microsoft’s 14th office package). This latest Microsoft 15 office package will name the year it release.

When will this office package 15 release? Most of the people have aware about this. Microsoft said that, they release a new office package in 2.5 years time to time. So this package should release before December 2012 and should be named as Microsoft office 2012. But if they couldn’t release this in year 2012 and if it transfer to 2013 they won’t name this as Microsoft office 2013 because 13 is kind of bad digit. So if it transfers to 2013 this 15th office package will name as “Microsoft office 2014”.

Microsoft office package starts to develop before year 2010 (Before release 2010 office package). Some tips about 15 office package is basically this has the same features of 2010 office package, the Ribbon interface it keep it as it is but there will be more feature on the office interfaces. Microsoft never publish their facts to the public before the beta version but some leaked information are the interface will contain more features, a secret application called “Microsoft Lime” will release with this package, also more importantly there will be a mobile version of Microsoft office package 15 and it contains the touch screen facility, working with GPS facility and many more. So office package 15 will be more focus on the mobile computing tasks.
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Computer Myth, Can Magnet Damage the Computer and Hard Drive?

Computer is now becomes very essential thing in our day today life. When you’re using a computer it is important to know how to protect it, how it works smoothly and what the wrong myths etc. Did you ever experience that what are the harms of magnet with the computer.

Most of the computer parts are harmless from magnets. But do not ever close a magnet (99% Powerful magnet) to old floppy disks, definitely disk becomes useless. Good thing is now days these floppy disks use very rarely. These days’ people use to use flash drives, SD memory cards, portable hard disks, compact memory cards etc, good news is magnet cannot do anything to thing modern memory devices. So there’s no any harm with magnets to flash drives, SD memory cards, portable hard disks, compact memory cards. These memory devices do not have any components that sensitive to magnetic field. 

Normal magnets cannot erase the hard disk data too. But there are some special magnets, which can erase the data of hard disk (those magnets not found in day today life). So most of the computer parts do not have any harm from magnet but remember not to close a magnet to screen.
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Neutrino Speed Broke Light Speed and Einstein Theory of Relativity

Albert Einstein is the most famous scientist ever history. He is also called as the father of modern physics. Einstein’s most famous low is “theory of reality” and one fact of it is “if some particle goes in a speed of light the mass of that particle should be zero”. Established fact among the community is “Any particle’s speed cannot exceed the light speed”. 

But things changed in September 23, 2011. The group of scientist (OPERA) in Europe said that they found a new particle that can exceed the speed of light. But traditional scientists do not agree to this and they ask for evidence. Then the OPERA scientists have proven their innovation with a group of technical committee and officially published that “Neutrino” is the fastest particle in the universe and it exceed the speed of light.
In this experiment, a beam of Neutrino sends from “Geneva Switzerland” to “Grand Sasso Italy” (Distance 730km). Neutrino beam beats the speed of light with 60 nS (nano Seconds) ahead. If they prove this again with the world community, it will be the end of most of the modern physics equations and theories also Einstein.
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First Person Landed on the Moon

This is kind of an old comic kind of technical news to you all. In 1969 July 20 is very important day for humans because Apollo 11 rocket landed the moon with first humans. Still this is considered as the best incident in the history of space exploration. Neil Armstrong is the first person who landed to the moon. But do you know amazingly there’s no any photograph of the first landed human Neil’s foot print. Then what is this? 
This is not Neil’s foot print and this is his fellow Edwin Aldrin’s foot print. This is one and only the unclear video shows that first human steps in the moon.

After the difficult journey to moon, successfully the human landed to the earth. They brought some soil samples and other stuffs from the moon. So what the funniest thing? After that much difficult journey Neil, Edwin and Michael Collins had to fill up the custom forms to release the stuffs brought from moon. This is the evidence.
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Fill up Gas in the Morning is Effective and Save Your Money?

This is also kind of another myth (scientifically not a myth) among the vehicle users. So when we look at the scientific background of this, in the morning the temperature is low in the fuel, so the density of the fuel is bit higher than day time. As you all know,

Volume = Mass/Density

So the volume is a constant (Pumping Gas in Litres), when density increases the mass also increases to keep constant volume.So you have a small advantage with fuel in Kgs as you pump gas in the morning. Why did i express this as myth? This scenario is scientifically correct but practically the vehicle owner has very little advantage with this (Ignorable advantage). You can save few cents with this method but by stopping the engine for few seconds can save more gas than this method.
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Fuel Efficiency and Gas consumption reduces with Tire Air Pressure

This is a good tip for long distance vehicle drivers. If your vehicle drives with maximum fuel efficiency, definitely it will be very good for your pocket. The tire air pressure is directly effects your gas consumption when you ride long distances. 
Some experiments conclude that if your vehicle tires pressure more than or less than 3Psi for recommended or reference value the gas consumption (Mileage) will reduces 1.5%. You can thing this value as a small value but when long distance rides you can save more fuel with the recommended tire pressure. More than 40% of vehicles on the road are out of the recommended tire pressure. So always use recommended tire pressure.
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Sugar in a Gas Tank Damage Engine MYTH

Putting some sugar into Gas tank, can it stop the whole process of the vehicle? There is a big myth around the world that by putting some sugar (a Spoon of sugar) can damage the engine and it cannot be repair, Can it be true? 
There are so many stories about use this method to revenge from enemy. This is definitely a myth because sugar is not dissolving in the petrol or diesel. So there is no way to transfer sugar into engine. Blocking the gas line the only thing can happen. When something happens like this, what you have to do is service the gas tank and also the worst case you have to replace the fuel filter (This is somewhat costly). 
But most of the countries are trying to use sugar to as a fuel for vehicles.
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10 Useful Programs for Windows or Essential Software Services

When you using your computer in day today life, you will need software for do your tasks. As an example, if you want to watch a film there should be some media player installed to your computer. There are some recommended programs or software for each task and below top 10 software package will essential software package for your day today life.

Download anything in the internet very fast - Internet Download Manager 6.7

Uninstall any unusable program easily - Total Uninstall5.9.3

Easily burn CD/DVD - BurnAwareProfessional 3.0.4

Extract and Zip any file easily -  Winrar 360 or 7 zip 2011

Delete unnecessary files and speed up the computer - ccleaner3.07

Play and media file – K-Lite Codec Pack 640 and other media players

Convert any video file - AVC Converter

Recover deleted files and folder - Recover My Filesv4.6.8.993

Protect files and folders - Folder Lock 5.2.6

Edit the videos - Ulead Video Studio 11 plus
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Virus File Formats and Define Virus Types in Computer

Is it Virus? How to identify a computer virus or how to suspect a virus? This is the way to do it. In computer world there are so many harmful viruses we can found. But the problem is, it is very difficult to understand whether it is a virus or not. By knowing of the harmful suspected file formats you can identify whether it is a virus or not. Also you can protect your computer from viruses.

Most of us always use pictures and text file, there’s no any harm from those kinds of file formats. Harmless file formats are,
  • jpeg
  • png
  • gif
  • txt 
Other than above formats can be a virus. Most of the viruses come with “exe” files. Before execute an exe file, double check it. Other than exe files these file formats can be a harmful virus,
  • ip      
  • scr
  • vbs
  • bat
  • doc
  • ini
  • xls     
  • com
  • pif
  • asp
If you’re using internet, some “asp” files can be a harmful virus. So this knowledge will helpful when you execute or opening an unknown file. Also it’s recommended to use a good antivirus.
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Maximum Processor Temperature and Processor Temperature Range

Processor is the most important gadget in your personal computer. When you are buying a computer what are the things you’re looking for? Definitely you’re looking for the processor speed, manufactured company, the way it works (dual, atom or single core etc) and especially prize. After you bought your computer, it is important to protect it. Controlling the processor temperature is one of most important thing to protect your pc. Maximum temperature for the processor is 95 c (Celsius). It can be in 70 – 90 c depending of your processor, normally it is 95 c. 
Processor temperature is directly affects to the operation and performance of your pc. When you’re playing pc games or high processor usage programs, computer can restart or shutdown because of the controlling processor temperature problem. I think already you got some experience of it. So it’s important to control the processor temperature.
High processor temperature can occur due to these facts. The place where you setup your computer, pc should setup a place that can exchange the air perfectly. If there any cupboards, or other obstacles that can constrictive the air exchange remove those things immediately. Also you have to check whether the cooling fans in the pc that works properly. If they do not, remove it or add an additional cooling fan. If you’re using a laptop, it is very good that you use a cooling pad. Also always try to use more quality fans for your computer (Don’t think about the prize a lot). A new trend of processor cooling is water cooling method.

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Lead Uses Please be Aware of Poisoning when Solder Circuits

Most of the student, kids likes to learn about electronics, circuits and related things. Especially they likes to build various LED circuits, timers, Amplifiers etc. But when you create some electronic stuff like circuit did you ever come up the harms of it. Most of the harms happen to us without any notice, so it is very important aware of these harms when building circuits. So who is the most dangerous thing in electronics? 
Most of you give the answer as “Electric shock”. But it is not the correct answer the correct answer is “Lead Poisoning”. Lead is a carcinogenic thing and also “Lead” metal leads to so many illnesses. Regarding the “OHSA” the highest value of Lead is 0.5 micro grams (person of 70kg) can enter the human body (0.5 micro grams = mass of 0.1 mm hair) per day. So it is very small amount. After using the Lead it is very important to wash your hands properly. If you do not do it, definitely some micro grams of Lead will enter your body with foods. A highest concentration of Lead gives these symptoms,
  • Allergies
  • Instant Angry
  • Reduce Reaction time
  • Sleeping Difficulties
  • Abnormal Pains
  • Other illnesses 

Starting from above illnesses and it increases to bones, heart, lungs, nerves and etc. The small kids should have known these facts carefully when building circuits. Also there are some other harm metals mixed with Lead, so be aware about that also.

Some known mistakes when creating circuits,

  • Smell the solder fragrant of Lead
  • Put Lead sticks inside mouth
  • Doing soldering in closed rooms
  • Scratch the circuit board using nails.
  • Eating while solder

So be aware of these facts when solder circuits.

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Fasten Seat Belt and Seat Belt Safety Statistics, Mechanism

It is very important thing that put your seat belt in a correct way while driving. When you drive with seat belts, you’re almost safe with accidents. Let’s we look at how seat belt protects you from an accident. Most of the time vehicle seat belts made up from cotton and nylon. Nylon gives strength of the seat belt that ensures the sustainable to big vibrations.

If your vehicle got the good strength seat belt but if it is not work properly? (In the accident if your seat belt not tightens the driver?) Then your seat belt is useless. So how it be happen, when a big accident how your seat belt tighten you? First you have to put the seat belt in correct way (You know that it’s easy to put the seat belts on). When you want to put the seat belt you pull it in a moderate speed and put it, try to pull it very fast IT NEVER MOVES. That’s the secret mechanism of seat belts. When seat belt pull moderate speed it moves and when it pull fast it never moves. How this mechanism works? 
One corner of the seat belt there is a gear wheel and spring, when we pull the seat belt spring will slowly unfold. But spring always tries to come to its normal position so when we left the seat belt it will position around the body without loose. When an accident the mechanism should have to stops the gear wheel movement, there are two types of mechanism available to do it.

Vehicle instant stops seat belt break system 
This system works in an instant stop of the vehicle. As you can see in the image there is a rigid thing in a horizontal plane to the gear wheel, when in an instant stop of the vehicle, this rigid thing moves front and the horizontal plane incline and stuck the moving of the seat belt. Then the passenger doesn't moves a bit in instant stops. 

Instant movement of the seat belt break system
This system works with the instant fast movement of the seat belt. As you can see in the image there’s a small buckle connected to the gear wheel. When a fast movement of the seat belt there’s a centrifugal force will take place. Because of this force that buckle rotate and stuck in incision under the gear wheel and stops the movement of the seat belt.
Always aware to put the seat belt, sometimes it'll give a new life for you in a big accident. Also most of the car's air bag doesn't work if the seat belt put properly. 
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Exploding Cell Phone Battery When Charging be Safe

Most of the people thought that mobile phone will leads to brain cancers and tumors, previous article shows about the cancer effect from mobile phone. This article discuss about that “When charging the mobile phone is there any harm of using a mobile (Ex: When charging answer the call)”. When charging the mobile phone, the battery can explode or burn due to these reasons.

  • An error in the circuit system of the phone battery
  • A defect of the phone charger
  • Using wet battery or Charger
  • Battery unconcealed to high temperature
Mobile battery charging process is not a simple process. When charging your mobile battery, the battery and the charger should be in good quality to charge the battery perfectly. Also to solve urgent problem while charging the battery, there are so many circuits working inside mobile and charger.  Because of these safety circuits, recommended mobile brands do not tell people that “not use mobile when charging”. But importantly if you have very cheap low quality battery of charger, it is very dangerous to use mobile phones while charging. Even it is too dangerous to sit beside the charging mobile if the mobile charger or battery in low quality. So always use recommended mobile parts for own safety. 

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Robo Earth Database to Network Robots

“Robo Earth” program is an idea of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. This “Robo Earth” does is working as a global database for all Robots in the world. Now days there are so many Robot working around the earth and it worked only instructions it has (All the knowledge of the environments that Robot have to gain individually).  So there are no any standards for Robots, if there is a standard for Robots, they can share their knowledge with other Robots and increase the efficiency.  

“Robo Earth” is a network or communication channel for Robots and also it is a global database for them. This database contains the knowledge of that each Robot gains in the environment. As an example if a Robot working in the kitchen, he knows the road map of a kitchen, temperature of the kitchen, humidity of the kitchen, obstacles map in the kitchen etc. That Robot uploads its knowledge about the kitchen to the “Robo Earth” database, so a new Robot can easily work in the kitchen with previous Robot details in “Robo Earth” database. No need again program the new Robot, new Robot can directly connect to “Robo Earth” and download the knowledge where previously uploaded. So new Robot can work like a experienced one.

This is really like an internet for Robots; there are some protocols and standard to connect Robot and sharing information.  I think this is good news for Robots; they can use their Internet (“Robo Earth”) to share information and improve their Artificial intelligence. Robots can transformation with this network and humans can get the full benefit of it. I think “Robo Earth” will be a new Era for Robot and humans because in future Robots may do lots of work than human. “Robo Earth” will be a police for Robots. 

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Hidden Windows Programs and XP Hidden Software

Do you know that some of windows programs are hidden in your operating system? These programs called windows utilities and those are like other windows software. If you have windows XP these codes will work definitely (I didn’t check in windows 7).  

Open Start --> Run

In the Run type these codes,

Iexpress : Command open a new wizard box and this software create .exe files. Simple this package will help you to create self extracting and self installing packages.

mplay32 : This will open a hidden media player that you can use to play .MP3, .WAV files(not .avi).

drwtsn32 : This will open Dr. Watson for windows utility and help for repairing windows.

Eudcedit : You can create any kind of character and save it. Private character editor is the name of this.

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