Fasten Seat Belt and Seat Belt Safety Statistics, Mechanism

It is very important thing that put your seat belt in a correct way while driving. When you drive with seat belts, you’re almost safe with accidents. Let’s we look at how seat belt protects you from an accident. Most of the time vehicle seat belts made up from cotton and nylon. Nylon gives strength of the seat belt that ensures the sustainable to big vibrations.

If your vehicle got the good strength seat belt but if it is not work properly? (In the accident if your seat belt not tightens the driver?) Then your seat belt is useless. So how it be happen, when a big accident how your seat belt tighten you? First you have to put the seat belt in correct way (You know that it’s easy to put the seat belts on). When you want to put the seat belt you pull it in a moderate speed and put it, try to pull it very fast IT NEVER MOVES. That’s the secret mechanism of seat belts. When seat belt pull moderate speed it moves and when it pull fast it never moves. How this mechanism works? 
One corner of the seat belt there is a gear wheel and spring, when we pull the seat belt spring will slowly unfold. But spring always tries to come to its normal position so when we left the seat belt it will position around the body without loose. When an accident the mechanism should have to stops the gear wheel movement, there are two types of mechanism available to do it.

Vehicle instant stops seat belt break system 
This system works in an instant stop of the vehicle. As you can see in the image there is a rigid thing in a horizontal plane to the gear wheel, when in an instant stop of the vehicle, this rigid thing moves front and the horizontal plane incline and stuck the moving of the seat belt. Then the passenger doesn't moves a bit in instant stops. 

Instant movement of the seat belt break system
This system works with the instant fast movement of the seat belt. As you can see in the image there’s a small buckle connected to the gear wheel. When a fast movement of the seat belt there’s a centrifugal force will take place. Because of this force that buckle rotate and stuck in incision under the gear wheel and stops the movement of the seat belt.
Always aware to put the seat belt, sometimes it'll give a new life for you in a big accident. Also most of the car's air bag doesn't work if the seat belt put properly. 

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