Cell Phone Cancer Risk and Brain Tumor Causes

This is a famous and most discussed gossip topic that “Can brain tumors caused by using cell phones for longer period?”. Recently starting with Professor “John Boice” and a group of scientists from “Denmark Vanderbilt” university found that “there’s no such an effect that causing Brain Tumors with mobile phones”.

In their experiment they choose 2.8 million random people that uses mobile phones over 15 years. Then separate the people who have brain tumors among this 2.8 million. Then calculate the percentage (X) of brain tumor caused people among mobile phone user more than 15 years. After calculate the percentage(X) compare it with the percentage(Y) of Brain Tumor caused people in whole Denmark (Mobile phone users and not). Final conclusion is,

Percentage Brain Tumor Caused People using mobile phones is less than the Percentage of whole Denmark who got brain tumors (X<Y). I think this is very good news for who have uncertainty about mobile phones with tumors and long time mobile phone users.

But this experiment not meant that using a mobile phone for a longer period is a good thing. WHO (World Health Organization) confirmed that Mobile phone is a carcinogenic item. Also when you using a mobile phone, brain’s Glucose concentration increasing.  When there’s a cancer in a brain then also brain’s Glucose concentration increasing. So any one can’t conclude what’s actually happening inside brain with mobile radiations. Cell phones not cause Tumors but cancers. 

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