Easy PC Migration Software, PCmover

  By using this PCmover can transfer all the Soft wares and data (Music files, Word file etc) of the computer to another computer as it is. After transfer data and Soft wares from Commuter 1 to Computer 2. The two computers look like same. This Software made by “laplink” Software Company.

When you buy a new computer or when you change your computer, you want to transfer all the folders, files, soft wares to new computer.  There are some ways to do this but they are lot of time consuming, but with PCmover it can be done within few minutes. So PCmover is a bridge between computers to data transferring.

This PCmover can be use in any windows Operating systems to data transferring. To transfer data, first there should be a connection between two computers, for this the two computers should in the same NETWORK or the two computers should connect with a special cable.

When the computers are not the same network, we can use a cable to connect each computer USB ports. When you buy the software you can also buy a cable with it.

First we should install the PCmover software in both computers, and then should have to build a connection between two computers (By USB port or LAN). Then run the PCmover program in the old computer, and then we have to select, what are the data should be transfer to new computer. Then transfer the data.

With this software can transfer Microsoft Office, Graphic soft wares, PC games, Image, Audio, Video files, Internet favorite links, Desktop image, and the shortcut items of the desktop can transfer as it be in the old computer to new computer. Any amount of data PCmover takes less than 10 minutes. 

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