New Internet Search Engine Goojje instead of China Google

Now China have the new search engine named “Goojje”. They developed this search engine instead of the china language “Google” search engine because now China decided to close the Google search engine for China. In 2006 Google started the Chinese language Google search engine with the restrictions of the China government. The agreement is Google shouldn’t send any thing harmful to China defense. 
Nearly 4 years China Google search engine worked with this agreement. Google Search engine and Google on-line services were famous among 30% of China internet users but Google was in the 2nd place search engine in China it famous among 60% of Chinese. place in China and “Baidu” is the 1.
But in 2009 December the weather was changed with the hack to the China Google search engine. This is a big hack that hackers access to the Gmail accounts of Chinese also. After this hack the China people challenged the protection of the Google. Google said that “This hack happened because of big filtering process is in the china Google search engine so China government have to take the responsibility to get the action for this”. But China government did not response to Google and they forced Google to increase the filtering process. Google also not response to them and as the reason China Google engine is going to close.
In this situation another search engine came to the stage that was “Goojje”.    Goojje is a search engine and a social networking service. The appearance of the Goojje is similar to Google search engine. The secret thing is all this process handled by the” Baidu” search engine for people to insult the Google.
But the real story is “Goojje” is a just a website and they are showing the Google and Baidu results. They don’t have the technology   of a search engine.

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