SOPA - Stop Online Piracy Act, Banned Internet?

If you're aware of the current world technical news, you should definitely hear about this SOPA. SOPA defines by "Stop Online Piracy Act”. This is a new Act going to confirm in USA and it can limit the use of internet. If you're in outside USA, you will think that "this is an Act in USA so there's no any harm". You're wrong, this Act will harm to each and every person in the world who use internet.

What is this Act can do? This Act gives the full priority to USA government to control and limit the internet access. Simply what they do is blocking the "DNS access" of particular sites (against the law).

What kind of sites can be block because of this Act?  If the website content contains any unauthorized stuff, site can be block. Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and also web hosting provides are in very danger because of this Act. As an example, in facebook, users are publishing various kind of stuffs, that stuffs can be contain some unauthorized things against to that SOPA law, then Facebook is in danger, thou it publish by normal user, the site owner should  responsible for it. 

Site owners will face various problems because of this Act.
1. USA traffic will reduce
2. Ad revenue can be reduce

As this harmful Act, most of the web content should be remove and also born of new sites reduces because of the SOPA law.

Harms of SOPA law
1. Most of the American web sites can be blocked 
2. Big emails will check before delivery
3. Social Network content will ban.

Most of the people do not like this SOPA Act and they start to show the objection to the USA government. If this SOPA Act confirmed it would be a grateful harm to all users of the internet. 
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Denis Ritchie Founder of UNIX Operating System and C Programming

Denis Ritchie is one of most unrivalled computer scientist in ever history. Sadly he has passed away recently in 70 years old.  Denis Ritchie is the greatest scientist who found the operating system technology to the world and he is the founder of UNIX operating system (UNIX is the base of every operating system).
He is an American and he developed UNIX operating system for Bell Labs Company where he works at 1975. Denis Ritchie and his group develop UNIX 6 operating system and it commercialized in 1975.
Do you believe that Denis Ritchie is the person who develops “C programming language”? He is the founder of C programming language also. C programming language is the base language of all other languages currently use. So without Denis Ritchie’s these 2 innovations, can you think of any computer work?

In 1980 Microsoft releases a 16 bit OS called “Xenix” for micro computers and it is the base OS for current versions of windows. This “Xenix” operating system is an upgrade of UNIX. So without UNIX no windows.
In 1985 Apple create an OS called “NeXT” and it is the base of MAC OS. This “NeXT” also developed with UNIX. Some of the codes written by Denis Ritchie in 1971 still can be found in the latest versions of MAC OS kernels. So without UNIX no MAC.

In 1987 Andrew S. Tanenbaum developed the MINIX Operating system using UNIX OS. This MINIX kernel upgraded by Linus Torvalds and created the LINUX OS. LINUX kernel use for develop various OS like Ubuntu, Fedora etc. Still UNIX source codes can be found in this Linux kernel.

Famous OSes like WINDOWS, MAC, and LINUX are basically developed with UNIX (Lately found that Chrome OS also use the codes of MINIX).  Now you can understand how big the Denis Ritchie’s innovations are.  

Denis Ritchie born in 1941 Sept 09 at New York and he got PHD from University of Harvard in 1968.  As his contribution to the computer science he awarded the “Turing award” in 1983. “Turing award” called the Nobel Prize for computer science. 
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Computer Memory Measurement Units

When you buy a computer, most of your friends will ask “What is RAM size?”, “What is hard disk size?” etc. Your answers would be “2GB RAM and 300GB Hard”.  What you expressed by “GB”? GB means Gigabyte and it is kind of a unit to measure the computer memory. Can your brain memory measure in GB?

When you download a film, your friend will ask “how is the file size?” you will give a answer like 700MB. So what is this MB, GB etc, those are the measuring unit of the computer memory and the computer files sizes. “YottaByte” is the largest computer memory measurement unit introduced. This is how computer memory units connect with each other.
  • kilobyte (kB)   X 1024   = 1 X megabyte(MB)
  • megabyte(MB) X 1024   = 1 X gigabyte(GB)
  • gigabyte(GB)   X 1024   =1 X terabyte(TB)
  • terabyte(TB)   X 1024   = 1 X petabyte(PB)
  • petabyte(PB)  X 1024   = 1 X exabyte(EB)
  • exabyte(EB)    X 1024   = 1 X zettabyte(ZB)
  • zettabyte(ZB) X 1024   = 1 X yottabyte(YB)
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Microsoft and Mozilla, Bing Search Engine Comes with Firefox

This is the latest league of Microsoft and Mozilla. Now with the Firefox browser, Bing search engine comes as the default search engine. This is a new agreement between Mozilla and Microsoft companies and to publish this around the world Microsoft launched a new website ( By using above site you can download the Firefox with default Bing search engine. In previously if you want Bing search engine with Firefox you have to download the Add-on and install it.

This is a new strategy of Microsoft to promote their search engine and give a competition to Google. In the world internet community, 52.6% using internet explorer, 22.5% using Firefox and 17.6% using Google Chrome. With the browsers, Microsoft has a clear lead but with the search engines Microsoft is way below to the Google. In world community 82.4% using Google search, 6.8% using Yahoo search engine and only 4.2% using Bing search engine.

Microsoft needs a quick boost of their search engine Bing, which is the plan of this agreement. With this agreement Microsoft can introduce their Bing search engine to Firefox users. Gaining a Free publicity to Firefox browser is the advantage to Mozilla. 50 – 50 advantages to both parties but can Bing SE give a competition to Google?  
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Human Robot ASIMO of Honda, New Generation Robot

What is the mean of “humanoid robot” or “anthropomorphic robot”? If a robot designs as the shape of human body those are called “humanoid robot” or “anthropomorphic robot”. The Japanese company “Honda” is very famous for designs humanoid robots. “ASIMO” (Advances Step in Innovation Mobility) is the first humanoid robots released by Honda in year 2000.

In early days, ASIMO robot can handle only limited number of tasks; it’s just a general robot with a human kit. But Honda not stopped with that, recently they developed a new generation of “ASIMO” as their latest releases. In 2011 Nov 8, they showed their new version of ASIMO, it’s a multipurpose robot and really like a kid.

New ASIMO can talk with 3 people simultaneously and identified their command separately. And also new ASIMO can answer the 3 people command separately. This humanoid robot has very flexible fingers and ASIMO can easily pour water from bottle to glass.

New ASIMO has a flexible hands and legs, it works same as human. This characteristic helps this robot to jump, run, walk in inclined surface, walk in steps and many more. The help of these ASIMO robots is they can easily use to work places that harm to people. As an example they can use to clean the destroyed nuclear power plants. The new ASIMO is creates a new generation of Robots and it will really helpful in future work.
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What is CSV files and CSV File Format?

When you use day today files in computer did you ever experienced a file type (file extension) called “CSV”? “CSV” file format can be used to store data (like database). Actually CSV files store data as “basic database format”. Most of the websites use this CSV files to keep their data without using a database. The biggest advantage of CSV file is it can be opened with any text editor (can edit manually). Other advantage is this data can easily input to the website or program. As an example, a website needs to track on phones (1000 phones) then the website can use CSV file to keep this 1000 phone details.

If you want to create a CSV file you can use software like Microsoft Excel. Enter the data in the excel sheet and save the Xcel file with extension “.csv”. 

This is how “CSV” file look when it opens in notepad.
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