Turn On, Turn Off computer Moniter easily

This is a problem faced by me also, i'm too lazy to turn off my moniter screen, to i found a simple method to do that.Actually this is very good tip for laptop users because most of the laptops doesn't have a moniter turn off button.
Here we go

download this software(nealy 300kb)

then run it. if you want to turn off your moniter press SHIFT+F1
that's all.(you can change the shortcut key as well)

Do you like it? Do some comments
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Edit a Web Page and Become world Richest Man

This is a fun thing you can do to impress your friends and enjoy, Just copy the below code and paste it in the browser (web Address bar). Now you can do any edit  with this page.

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

Ways to impress your friends

Edit some sites and put your details in there, get a print Screen and publish in a Social bookmark site(like Face book). If you want to get the real page back just refresh(F5).How is this? Do comments guys.

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Watch Star Wars Cartoon in Windows XP

Guys Do you want to watch a cartoon now? Ok then I will show you how to watch a cartoon in Windows XP. Let’s start.

Go to Run and Type “telnet” enter Ok

Type “o” (letter o) and enter

Then type “towel.blinkenlights.nl” and enter and wait some time

Now enjoy the DOS cartoon

DO some comment guys is this nice??
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Style Windows Date and Time

This is a software I found in the internet that we can use this to change the style of windows clock in the task bar. So Use and do the comments.
Just Install and Enjoy with style Date/Time

Download Here

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How to create a Keyboard locking Fun Virus

Actually this is a fun virus that we can create easily. This is no harm to your system so don’t worry. When we run this virus it will lock the keyboard and caps lock, num lock, scroll lock lights are lighting one after the other. That’s all. So let’s start.

Copy the below code and paste it in the notepad. The Save it as “KeyBordlockVirus.vbs” (Name of the virus you can decide but after the name the extension should be .vbs)

Now double click on the KeyBordlockVirus.vbs file, and then you can see that num, caps, scroll lock bulbs lighting one after the other and the keyboard get locked.
So to Stop this virus go to task manager(clt+alt+delete) then go to processes and stop the process WSCRIPT.EXE now fun virus is over.

Come again we’ll create another fun virus next time.
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Free Money for your Blogs

We can make money from our blogs using Google ad sense easily. But now days to get a Google adsense account are bit tricky. If you want to get a new Google adsense account then you have to develop your blog traffic.  If you don’t have Google adsense, now there are some free trusted sites you can get free ads. List of free sites giving adds for you.

Best Google Adsense








So above site you can use to get ads, So before apply for Google Adsense use above free ads, after your traffic built, apply for Google adsense. Google adsense is best of these.

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Update Your Facebook status with nice Symbols

All Facebook users every day update their Facebook status, if you know how to use nice symbols to update your Facebook status, your friends will impress. So there are several ways can use to do this. Best way is use this Facebook application.

Follow this link to update your status


Other method is use hot keys to update your status

Hold ‘alt’ then type 1 –
Hold ‘alt’ then type 2 –
Hold ‘alt’ then type 3 –
Hold ‘alt’ then type 4 –
Hold ‘alt’ then type 5 –
Hold ‘alt’ then type 6 –
Hold ‘alt’ then type 7 –
Hold ‘alt’ then type 8 –
Hold ‘alt’ then type 9 –
Hold ‘alt’ then type 10 –
Hold ‘alt’ then type 11 –
Hold ‘alt’ then type 12 –
Hold ‘alt’ then type 13 –
Hold ‘alt’ then type 14 –
Hold ‘alt’ then type 15 –
Hold ‘alt’ then type 16 –
Hold ‘alt’ then type 17 –
Hold ‘alt’ then type 18 –
Hold ‘alt’ then type 19 – (it’s one character!)
Hold ‘alt’ then type 20 –  

So now you can impress your friends.
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How to enable Hibernate in your PC

Hibernate is a power option coming in windows operating systems, Most of the Personal Computers this hibernate option is disable, Advantage of hibernate is, After hibernate the computer and restart the computer immediately windows load and previously your working data is not lost they are as it is.

Go to

  1.      Control Panel
  2.      Performance and maintenance(XP)
  3.   Power option
  4.    Select hibernate tab and Check(Enable hibernation)

Then you can use hibernate option, but sometimes you can’t use hibernate option because less free space in your windows drive (c). In hibernate option it shows the free space needed to enable hibernate option. 
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How to get the Facebook Videos Embed Code

I realize to add this article because I also suffering to add Facebook videos to my web site but no way to find the embed code (Script). So I found a method to do it you also try to add Facebook videos to your sites or blog.

First Find the ID of the Video

Then replace each “xxx” value with that Id. In below code, that is video embed code. Place it where you want to add that video.

<object width="400" height="224" >
 <param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" />
 <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" />
 <param name="movie" value="http://www.facebook.com/v/xxx" />
 <embed src="http://www.facebook.com/v/xxx" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"
   allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="400" height="224">

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Facebook Chatting tips and tricks

As you all know Facebook is the most famous Social network among the world. I have found some tips when you chatting with your friends. Use these tips for chatting, your friend will impressed.

1. If your want to bold the text, use * two sides of the word.

2. If your want to underline the text, use _ two sides of the word.

Also these are some crazy Similes you can you for chat.

Hope you’ll enjoy this.
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New Internet Search Engine Goojje instead of China Google

Now China have the new search engine named “Goojje”. They developed this search engine instead of the china language “Google” search engine because now China decided to close the Google search engine for China. In 2006 Google started the Chinese language Google search engine with the restrictions of the China government. The agreement is Google shouldn’t send any thing harmful to China defense. 
Nearly 4 years China Google search engine worked with this agreement. Google Search engine and Google on-line services were famous among 30% of China internet users but Google was in the 2nd place search engine in China it famous among 60% of Chinese. place in China and “Baidu” is the 1.
But in 2009 December the weather was changed with the hack to the China Google search engine. This is a big hack that hackers access to the Gmail accounts of Chinese also. After this hack the China people challenged the protection of the Google. Google said that “This hack happened because of big filtering process is in the china Google search engine so China government have to take the responsibility to get the action for this”. But China government did not response to Google and they forced Google to increase the filtering process. Google also not response to them and as the reason China Google engine is going to close.
In this situation another search engine came to the stage that was “Goojje”.    Goojje is a search engine and a social networking service. The appearance of the Goojje is similar to Google search engine. The secret thing is all this process handled by the” Baidu” search engine for people to insult the Google.
But the real story is “Goojje” is a just a website and they are showing the Google and Baidu results. They don’t have the technology   of a search engine.

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Found a Bug in Windows after 17 years

This is real amazing bug that placed since windows DOS to windows 7. In February 2010, they solved this problem by February windows security updates. This is the first time that Microsoft realized security patch for all windows operating systems at same time for a same bug. In any operating systems there are some bugs, no one can create perfect OS. Only thing is reduce the bugs. 
This bug was found by Travis Ormandy in the Google. If some hacker found this bug, Hacker can easily create some dangerous viruses though this bug. So Microsoft always checking their bugs and fix it. But the Microsoft researchers also couldn’t find this bug for 17 years but a researcher of google Travis Omandi found and informs it to Microsoft. 
Travis Ormandy was working with the Utility that can run old programs in new windows editions; he found a “place” where a new program can install to control that utility (windows control this utility but after install a new program person can control that utility). With that someone can go though it and go to the windows source codes and can change or control that source code as he like. By this can create a dangerous virus for windows.
But fortunately this bug couldn’t find to any hacker. It found by person who know the value of OS. After found this bug he informed to the Microsoft and they kept this as a secret. After realized the security patch they published this secret.

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Attack of the 50ft Robot Game, Save Your City

Attack of the 50ft robot game is a latest game that you have to protect your city from the 50ft robot. Special thing of this game is this game created in black & white colors. A 50ft robot coming to peaceful city and destroy everything in the city. So the lifestyle of the city becomes worst. People leaving the city for protect their life.  Then Police and Army start a mission to rescue the city from Robot. They attack from the land and air (Robot do not allow others to attack him). While army and police try to get control of the Robot, player should have to protect the city by using some tactical methods.

Destroy the Robot, Try to get the control of the robot: those are the main objectives of the player. In the robot armed with Missile guns, Laser guns, additionally robot have a special gadget to identify the objects in front of him. So it is very difficult to go near to the robot and destroy it. The main objective of the player is protecting the city with fewer catastrophes. Time is very important in this game because every second robot try to something to the city, if you allow robot to destroy city, you’ll get less points.  
Download Game

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Microsoft DreamSpark, Free Software Program

Microsoft decided to give free Software packages for Students. “DreamSpark” is the one of program to give free packages. These days Microsoft offering newest their technology free in Dreamspark. Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said that this we done for the future of the world. Currently there are so many countries in the world involving this DreamSpark.

The High school students and University students can apply Microsoft for free soft wares, Then Microsoft providing new Software development tools like “Visual studio” for them.In DreamSpark the registered student can free download Microsoft Expression Studio, Games Studio, Robotics Studio and additionally Visual Studio, SQL Server, Virtual PC. Etc.

So many developing countries Student cannot afford a lot of money for buying Software, so the skillful students couldn’t use their skill because they haven’t enough resources, to overcome this problem mainly Microsoft decide to provide free sort wares. Also by proving new technologies the developing country students, they can build their skills for modern IT world. Presently Dreamspark famous among the students around the world. But some people said that Microsoft not just only expecting the development of the students but they try to fight with the open source soft wares like Linux soft wares.

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Easy PC Migration Software, PCmover

  By using this PCmover can transfer all the Soft wares and data (Music files, Word file etc) of the computer to another computer as it is. After transfer data and Soft wares from Commuter 1 to Computer 2. The two computers look like same. This Software made by “laplink” Software Company.

When you buy a new computer or when you change your computer, you want to transfer all the folders, files, soft wares to new computer.  There are some ways to do this but they are lot of time consuming, but with PCmover it can be done within few minutes. So PCmover is a bridge between computers to data transferring.

This PCmover can be use in any windows Operating systems to data transferring. To transfer data, first there should be a connection between two computers, for this the two computers should in the same NETWORK or the two computers should connect with a special cable.

When the computers are not the same network, we can use a cable to connect each computer USB ports. When you buy the software you can also buy a cable with it.

First we should install the PCmover software in both computers, and then should have to build a connection between two computers (By USB port or LAN). Then run the PCmover program in the old computer, and then we have to select, what are the data should be transfer to new computer. Then transfer the data.

With this software can transfer Microsoft Office, Graphic soft wares, PC games, Image, Audio, Video files, Internet favorite links, Desktop image, and the shortcut items of the desktop can transfer as it be in the old computer to new computer. Any amount of data PCmover takes less than 10 minutes. 

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World’s first Notebooks having AMD ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4600 Series GPU

Asus launched this notesbooks. This notebooks named as N81Vp and N51Tp. This notebooks contains new GPU technology, it gives amazing multimedia experience for users. This AMD ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4600 Series delivering excellent graphical performance for next generation HD notebooks like Asus N81Vp & Asus N51Tp. Also this notebooks capable of playing graphic intensive next-generation games with the support of Microsoft directX 10.1. With all this, this ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4600 Series is able to support full 1080p HD veiwing. This is very good for home theater people.

Highly-efficient Super Hybrid Engine(SHE), Built-in Express Gate operating system and the SmartLogon facial recognition system are the other new technologies of Asus N series notebooks.

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World 1st True Gaming Chassis- Strom Sniper

“Strom Sniper” Sniper gaming PC chassis launched CM Strom, accompany with the world’s leading professional gaming teams, including SK-gaming, Team Fnatic and mouseports.  In this chassis, sniper has featured with excellent airflow up to three huge fans. A 200mm blue LED fan in the front, best exhaust 200mm LED fan and yet another optional 200mm VGA intake fan. To cool your every PC component, there are 6 fan locations (120-140mm). By those fans creating heavy airflow, This CM Sniper offers a built-in one for all fan controller, we can tune airflow to find the perfect balance between thermal performance and silent operation by using this controller. Additionally this Strom Sniper integrated in the extra large control knob is a KED light switch, it let you to decide exactly when to turn on the lights for a full gaming session, and when chill out in the dark with your favorite movies.
 Convenient carrying handles for fast and efficient mobilization, multi-position water cooling holes, tool free design, and great expandability for peripherals, HDDs, optical drives and function panels are the some of features of this. Also this CM storm made out with very good material and this will gives very good protection for your hardware.   
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