Global Positioning System Satellites Information (GPS)

Global Positioning system simply GPS is very popular technology system that uses to find the location where we are or else locate some location in earth. In early days this GPS technology used for wars. Actually as a result of an experiment (US Navy and US Air force together did thing experiment in 1960) GPS (Global Positioning system) technology opens to the world. After sometimes this technology popular among the ordinary people, now the times GPS Navigation Units are in cars, mobile even wrist watches. The question is how this GPS works? How it locate our location?
GPS technology is based on satellite technology. There are 24 satellites in the air to work with this GPS system. Each location of the earth is covered by minimum 4 satellites. In that way these 24 satellites are rotating around earth. Normally these satellites are located in 20000Km ahead from earth and each and every time these satellites are sharing their information with GPS controlling Stations (GPS controlling Stations is controlling by US Air Force and it ensure that system works properly). Also inside these satellites, there is a special clock called “Atomic Clock” to get the accuracy time in satellite. The important thing is distance between these satellites is never change. Then we look at how it works.
First GPS system starts in the GPS receiver (Things it’s our mobile phone). Next GPS receiver connects with satellites and gets the information (“Location of satellite” and “time in satellite”) from 3 satellites. After get all information we can calculate the location that we are in the earth. Then, by using the 4th satellite the receiver check that the calculated value correct or not. Normally GPS systems are very accurate and maximum error is 5-10m.

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