Exploding Cell Phone Battery When Charging be Safe

Most of the people thought that mobile phone will leads to brain cancers and tumors, previous article shows about the cancer effect from mobile phone. This article discuss about that “When charging the mobile phone is there any harm of using a mobile (Ex: When charging answer the call)”. When charging the mobile phone, the battery can explode or burn due to these reasons.

  • An error in the circuit system of the phone battery
  • A defect of the phone charger
  • Using wet battery or Charger
  • Battery unconcealed to high temperature
Mobile battery charging process is not a simple process. When charging your mobile battery, the battery and the charger should be in good quality to charge the battery perfectly. Also to solve urgent problem while charging the battery, there are so many circuits working inside mobile and charger.  Because of these safety circuits, recommended mobile brands do not tell people that “not use mobile when charging”. But importantly if you have very cheap low quality battery of charger, it is very dangerous to use mobile phones while charging. Even it is too dangerous to sit beside the charging mobile if the mobile charger or battery in low quality. So always use recommended mobile parts for own safety. 

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