Myth of Hidden Batter Power in Nokia Code 3370

Recently an email came to me and expressed that, “Entering *3370# code will unlock a reserve amount of battery”. This is a totally myth around the Nokia users that some code will unlock the reserved power. Other myth is when battery is dead; you can allow getting a call from this power. There is no such a power like that in Nokia phone. What actually this *3370# will do?

In Nokia phone there are two sound systems called “Full Rate Codec” (High Quality) and “Half Rate Codec” (Low Quality). Full Rate Codec uses more power than Half Rate Codec. Code *3370# enable this “Full Rate Codec” system and *#4720# enables “Half Rate Codec” system. If you type *3370# and send, it enables high quality sounds and reduce your battery power soon. So ignore those useless mails.

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