Listening Post - The Speaking Poster Innovation

A poster can speak, would you believe it? Recently the notice boards of Liverpool UK covered with amazing posters which can playback music. This poster is about a musical show. There are some thumbnail images placed in the poster and if someone touches it, it will play a music. Also this poster allows you to book your seat to the musical show. There's an another thumbnail button and when pressed it will play back your seat number.
This new poster is the next generation of the posters. These posters can placed like other posters on notice boards. This poster called as "Listening Post" . This poster made in the normal paper with a printed circuit.

Listening Post is really like a normal poster but it made out from a conductive paint. All the parts including graphics, letters of this poster is also a part of this circuit. Solar power used as the energy source for this poster and used solar powered batteries. These batteries also printed on the poster which is unnoticeable. The speaker of this poster also printed on the poster (There is a special technique used to thick the poster, then a speaker can easily place).  If the speaker volume too low then there's a headphone jack also.

There are some ongoing experiments to reduce the cost of this poster and also researching the ways to increase interaction this with people. One technique already added is the  "Like" button. People can vote the "Like"  and which will store in the circuit. Later, those votes can be counted. 

There is a huge gap between web page and a normal poster, because in web page people can interact with them. The innovators of this Listening Post said that, "This Listening Post will reduce the gap between web page and normal poster". 

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Is It Necessary to Eject before Remove the Flash Drive ?

USB flash drives are very common among all the computer users to travel data. If you want to move any kinds of computer data like images, videos and songs one computer to another, most of the time we'll use flash drives (Pen Drive). 

There is a Myth among computer users that it is necessary to eject ("Eject" means go to task bar then click "Remove Hardware" and select the correct flash drive and click "Eject")  before remove the flash drive from the computer.  These are some rumors that if you remove the flash drive without eject it,

1. All the data in the flash drive may lose
2. Flash drive or the computer may damage 

After finishing copied all the data from the computer to the Flash drive (or other side), if you remove it (without eject) from the computer, there's no damage or data loss occurs. But most important when the data  copying if you remove the flash drive, all the data or part of the data will lose.  Also it may damage to the flash drive, but there's no damage to the computer. So do not ever remove the flash drive when the data the exchanging. 

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Keep the Computer without Shutdown Good or Bad

Keep the Computer without Shutdown Good or BadShut down the computer is one of the computer action that you may do all the time when using the computer. The question is "Is it essential to Shutdown the computer all the time after you are using your PC ? ". My answer is "Not always" (Simply NO). 

The computer does need to rest but not every day. So you don't need to shut down the computer after you are using it daily. You may know that the "Server" computers may have works months or maybe years continuously without shutdown. There are so many inbuilt techniques in the computer to reduce the generating heat when it works (Ex: Cooling fans). Most of the computer problem occurs because of the decline of its parts. 

Most of the modern computer parts and component manufacture to works longer period of time continuously without decline. When you are buying a computer, you may get a two year warranty or three years warranty etc... Warranty period means the eligible period of the computer that can work continuously without Shutdown.

 Always shut down the computer just save your electricity bill. Other than that there's no need to shut down the computer always.

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