Keep the Computer without Shutdown Good or Bad

Keep the Computer without Shutdown Good or BadShut down the computer is one of the computer action that you may do all the time when using the computer. The question is "Is it essential to Shutdown the computer all the time after you are using your PC ? ". My answer is "Not always" (Simply NO). 

The computer does need to rest but not every day. So you don't need to shut down the computer after you are using it daily. You may know that the "Server" computers may have works months or maybe years continuously without shutdown. There are so many inbuilt techniques in the computer to reduce the generating heat when it works (Ex: Cooling fans). Most of the computer problem occurs because of the decline of its parts. 

Most of the modern computer parts and component manufacture to works longer period of time continuously without decline. When you are buying a computer, you may get a two year warranty or three years warranty etc... Warranty period means the eligible period of the computer that can work continuously without Shutdown.

 Always shut down the computer just save your electricity bill. Other than that there's no need to shut down the computer always.

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