What to Do If Your PC Has a Harmful Virus?

Why virus spreads around all the disks, after completely removal of the virus using an antivirus? I think this common question for the most of computer users.  This incident happens because of the virus already in the computer when the antivirus software install.

Most of computer users install a virus guard because to remove all the present viruses in the computer. After the virus scan most of the viruses are remove permanently but some are remove temporary and again grow inside the computer. These temporarily removed viruses are spreading again inside the disks after removal using antivirus. Because of these temporarily removing viruses are working with the operating system. If you remove it 100 times again it grows. So what is the solution for this problem?

There are two solutions you can use to clear the virus from the disk,
  • Boot the computer from the “Rescue disk” and try to remove the virus.
  • This is the easiest solution: Connected the virus infected hard disk to another computer which has a virus guard, and then remove all the viruses.

I think now you have two solutions for this annoying problem, please test this and comment your result. What is the best antivirus software you preferred?  

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