Microsoft Office 15, Release on 2012 or 2014?

This is the latest news published in Microsoft is about Microsoft office package 15 (the latest). Before this edition there was 14 Microsoft office packages and that’s why this edition called as “Microsoft office 15” package (Latest published version is Microsoft office 2010 and that’s Microsoft’s 14th office package). This latest Microsoft 15 office package will name the year it release.

When will this office package 15 release? Most of the people have aware about this. Microsoft said that, they release a new office package in 2.5 years time to time. So this package should release before December 2012 and should be named as Microsoft office 2012. But if they couldn’t release this in year 2012 and if it transfer to 2013 they won’t name this as Microsoft office 2013 because 13 is kind of bad digit. So if it transfers to 2013 this 15th office package will name as “Microsoft office 2014”.

Microsoft office package starts to develop before year 2010 (Before release 2010 office package). Some tips about 15 office package is basically this has the same features of 2010 office package, the Ribbon interface it keep it as it is but there will be more feature on the office interfaces. Microsoft never publish their facts to the public before the beta version but some leaked information are the interface will contain more features, a secret application called “Microsoft Lime” will release with this package, also more importantly there will be a mobile version of Microsoft office package 15 and it contains the touch screen facility, working with GPS facility and many more. So office package 15 will be more focus on the mobile computing tasks.

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