Neutrino Speed Broke Light Speed and Einstein Theory of Relativity

Albert Einstein is the most famous scientist ever history. He is also called as the father of modern physics. Einstein’s most famous low is “theory of reality” and one fact of it is “if some particle goes in a speed of light the mass of that particle should be zero”. Established fact among the community is “Any particle’s speed cannot exceed the light speed”. 

But things changed in September 23, 2011. The group of scientist (OPERA) in Europe said that they found a new particle that can exceed the speed of light. But traditional scientists do not agree to this and they ask for evidence. Then the OPERA scientists have proven their innovation with a group of technical committee and officially published that “Neutrino” is the fastest particle in the universe and it exceed the speed of light.
In this experiment, a beam of Neutrino sends from “Geneva Switzerland” to “Grand Sasso Italy” (Distance 730km). Neutrino beam beats the speed of light with 60 nS (nano Seconds) ahead. If they prove this again with the world community, it will be the end of most of the modern physics equations and theories also Einstein.

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