First Person Landed on the Moon

This is kind of an old comic kind of technical news to you all. In 1969 July 20 is very important day for humans because Apollo 11 rocket landed the moon with first humans. Still this is considered as the best incident in the history of space exploration. Neil Armstrong is the first person who landed to the moon. But do you know amazingly there’s no any photograph of the first landed human Neil’s foot print. Then what is this? 
This is not Neil’s foot print and this is his fellow Edwin Aldrin’s foot print. This is one and only the unclear video shows that first human steps in the moon.

After the difficult journey to moon, successfully the human landed to the earth. They brought some soil samples and other stuffs from the moon. So what the funniest thing? After that much difficult journey Neil, Edwin and Michael Collins had to fill up the custom forms to release the stuffs brought from moon. This is the evidence.

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