Denis Ritchie Founder of UNIX Operating System and C Programming

Denis Ritchie is one of most unrivalled computer scientist in ever history. Sadly he has passed away recently in 70 years old.  Denis Ritchie is the greatest scientist who found the operating system technology to the world and he is the founder of UNIX operating system (UNIX is the base of every operating system).
He is an American and he developed UNIX operating system for Bell Labs Company where he works at 1975. Denis Ritchie and his group develop UNIX 6 operating system and it commercialized in 1975.
Do you believe that Denis Ritchie is the person who develops “C programming language”? He is the founder of C programming language also. C programming language is the base language of all other languages currently use. So without Denis Ritchie’s these 2 innovations, can you think of any computer work?

In 1980 Microsoft releases a 16 bit OS called “Xenix” for micro computers and it is the base OS for current versions of windows. This “Xenix” operating system is an upgrade of UNIX. So without UNIX no windows.
In 1985 Apple create an OS called “NeXT” and it is the base of MAC OS. This “NeXT” also developed with UNIX. Some of the codes written by Denis Ritchie in 1971 still can be found in the latest versions of MAC OS kernels. So without UNIX no MAC.

In 1987 Andrew S. Tanenbaum developed the MINIX Operating system using UNIX OS. This MINIX kernel upgraded by Linus Torvalds and created the LINUX OS. LINUX kernel use for develop various OS like Ubuntu, Fedora etc. Still UNIX source codes can be found in this Linux kernel.

Famous OSes like WINDOWS, MAC, and LINUX are basically developed with UNIX (Lately found that Chrome OS also use the codes of MINIX).  Now you can understand how big the Denis Ritchie’s innovations are.  

Denis Ritchie born in 1941 Sept 09 at New York and he got PHD from University of Harvard in 1968.  As his contribution to the computer science he awarded the “Turing award” in 1983. “Turing award” called the Nobel Prize for computer science. 

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