Computer Memory Measurement Units

When you buy a computer, most of your friends will ask “What is RAM size?”, “What is hard disk size?” etc. Your answers would be “2GB RAM and 300GB Hard”.  What you expressed by “GB”? GB means Gigabyte and it is kind of a unit to measure the computer memory. Can your brain memory measure in GB?

When you download a film, your friend will ask “how is the file size?” you will give a answer like 700MB. So what is this MB, GB etc, those are the measuring unit of the computer memory and the computer files sizes. “YottaByte” is the largest computer memory measurement unit introduced. This is how computer memory units connect with each other.
  • kilobyte (kB)   X 1024   = 1 X megabyte(MB)
  • megabyte(MB) X 1024   = 1 X gigabyte(GB)
  • gigabyte(GB)   X 1024   =1 X terabyte(TB)
  • terabyte(TB)   X 1024   = 1 X petabyte(PB)
  • petabyte(PB)  X 1024   = 1 X exabyte(EB)
  • exabyte(EB)    X 1024   = 1 X zettabyte(ZB)
  • zettabyte(ZB) X 1024   = 1 X yottabyte(YB)

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