Microsoft DreamSpark, Free Software Program

Microsoft decided to give free Software packages for Students. “DreamSpark” is the one of program to give free packages. These days Microsoft offering newest their technology free in Dreamspark. Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said that this we done for the future of the world. Currently there are so many countries in the world involving this DreamSpark.

The High school students and University students can apply Microsoft for free soft wares, Then Microsoft providing new Software development tools like “Visual studio” for them.In DreamSpark the registered student can free download Microsoft Expression Studio, Games Studio, Robotics Studio and additionally Visual Studio, SQL Server, Virtual PC. Etc.

So many developing countries Student cannot afford a lot of money for buying Software, so the skillful students couldn’t use their skill because they haven’t enough resources, to overcome this problem mainly Microsoft decide to provide free sort wares. Also by proving new technologies the developing country students, they can build their skills for modern IT world. Presently Dreamspark famous among the students around the world. But some people said that Microsoft not just only expecting the development of the students but they try to fight with the open source soft wares like Linux soft wares.

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