Attack of the 50ft Robot Game, Save Your City

Attack of the 50ft robot game is a latest game that you have to protect your city from the 50ft robot. Special thing of this game is this game created in black & white colors. A 50ft robot coming to peaceful city and destroy everything in the city. So the lifestyle of the city becomes worst. People leaving the city for protect their life.  Then Police and Army start a mission to rescue the city from Robot. They attack from the land and air (Robot do not allow others to attack him). While army and police try to get control of the Robot, player should have to protect the city by using some tactical methods.

Destroy the Robot, Try to get the control of the robot: those are the main objectives of the player. In the robot armed with Missile guns, Laser guns, additionally robot have a special gadget to identify the objects in front of him. So it is very difficult to go near to the robot and destroy it. The main objective of the player is protecting the city with fewer catastrophes. Time is very important in this game because every second robot try to something to the city, if you allow robot to destroy city, you’ll get less points.  
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