World 1st True Gaming Chassis- Strom Sniper

“Strom Sniper” Sniper gaming PC chassis launched CM Strom, accompany with the world’s leading professional gaming teams, including SK-gaming, Team Fnatic and mouseports.  In this chassis, sniper has featured with excellent airflow up to three huge fans. A 200mm blue LED fan in the front, best exhaust 200mm LED fan and yet another optional 200mm VGA intake fan. To cool your every PC component, there are 6 fan locations (120-140mm). By those fans creating heavy airflow, This CM Sniper offers a built-in one for all fan controller, we can tune airflow to find the perfect balance between thermal performance and silent operation by using this controller. Additionally this Strom Sniper integrated in the extra large control knob is a KED light switch, it let you to decide exactly when to turn on the lights for a full gaming session, and when chill out in the dark with your favorite movies.
 Convenient carrying handles for fast and efficient mobilization, multi-position water cooling holes, tool free design, and great expandability for peripherals, HDDs, optical drives and function panels are the some of features of this. Also this CM storm made out with very good material and this will gives very good protection for your hardware.   

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