SOPA - Stop Online Piracy Act, Banned Internet?

If you're aware of the current world technical news, you should definitely hear about this SOPA. SOPA defines by "Stop Online Piracy Act”. This is a new Act going to confirm in USA and it can limit the use of internet. If you're in outside USA, you will think that "this is an Act in USA so there's no any harm". You're wrong, this Act will harm to each and every person in the world who use internet.

What is this Act can do? This Act gives the full priority to USA government to control and limit the internet access. Simply what they do is blocking the "DNS access" of particular sites (against the law).

What kind of sites can be block because of this Act?  If the website content contains any unauthorized stuff, site can be block. Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and also web hosting provides are in very danger because of this Act. As an example, in facebook, users are publishing various kind of stuffs, that stuffs can be contain some unauthorized things against to that SOPA law, then Facebook is in danger, thou it publish by normal user, the site owner should  responsible for it. 

Site owners will face various problems because of this Act.
1. USA traffic will reduce
2. Ad revenue can be reduce

As this harmful Act, most of the web content should be remove and also born of new sites reduces because of the SOPA law.

Harms of SOPA law
1. Most of the American web sites can be blocked 
2. Big emails will check before delivery
3. Social Network content will ban.

Most of the people do not like this SOPA Act and they start to show the objection to the USA government. If this SOPA Act confirmed it would be a grateful harm to all users of the internet. 

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