Fasten Seat Belt and Seat Belt Safety Statistics, Mechanism

It is very important thing that put your seat belt in a correct way while driving. When you drive with seat belts, you’re almost safe with accidents. Let’s we look at how seat belt protects you from an accident. Most of the time vehicle seat belts made up from cotton and nylon. Nylon gives strength of the seat belt that ensures the sustainable to big vibrations.

If your vehicle got the good strength seat belt but if it is not work properly? (In the accident if your seat belt not tightens the driver?) Then your seat belt is useless. So how it be happen, when a big accident how your seat belt tighten you? First you have to put the seat belt in correct way (You know that it’s easy to put the seat belts on). When you want to put the seat belt you pull it in a moderate speed and put it, try to pull it very fast IT NEVER MOVES. That’s the secret mechanism of seat belts. When seat belt pull moderate speed it moves and when it pull fast it never moves. How this mechanism works? 
One corner of the seat belt there is a gear wheel and spring, when we pull the seat belt spring will slowly unfold. But spring always tries to come to its normal position so when we left the seat belt it will position around the body without loose. When an accident the mechanism should have to stops the gear wheel movement, there are two types of mechanism available to do it.

Vehicle instant stops seat belt break system 
This system works in an instant stop of the vehicle. As you can see in the image there is a rigid thing in a horizontal plane to the gear wheel, when in an instant stop of the vehicle, this rigid thing moves front and the horizontal plane incline and stuck the moving of the seat belt. Then the passenger doesn't moves a bit in instant stops. 

Instant movement of the seat belt break system
This system works with the instant fast movement of the seat belt. As you can see in the image there’s a small buckle connected to the gear wheel. When a fast movement of the seat belt there’s a centrifugal force will take place. Because of this force that buckle rotate and stuck in incision under the gear wheel and stops the movement of the seat belt.
Always aware to put the seat belt, sometimes it'll give a new life for you in a big accident. Also most of the car's air bag doesn't work if the seat belt put properly. 
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Exploding Cell Phone Battery When Charging be Safe

Most of the people thought that mobile phone will leads to brain cancers and tumors, previous article shows about the cancer effect from mobile phone. This article discuss about that “When charging the mobile phone is there any harm of using a mobile (Ex: When charging answer the call)”. When charging the mobile phone, the battery can explode or burn due to these reasons.

  • An error in the circuit system of the phone battery
  • A defect of the phone charger
  • Using wet battery or Charger
  • Battery unconcealed to high temperature
Mobile battery charging process is not a simple process. When charging your mobile battery, the battery and the charger should be in good quality to charge the battery perfectly. Also to solve urgent problem while charging the battery, there are so many circuits working inside mobile and charger.  Because of these safety circuits, recommended mobile brands do not tell people that “not use mobile when charging”. But importantly if you have very cheap low quality battery of charger, it is very dangerous to use mobile phones while charging. Even it is too dangerous to sit beside the charging mobile if the mobile charger or battery in low quality. So always use recommended mobile parts for own safety. 

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Robo Earth Database to Network Robots

“Robo Earth” program is an idea of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. This “Robo Earth” does is working as a global database for all Robots in the world. Now days there are so many Robot working around the earth and it worked only instructions it has (All the knowledge of the environments that Robot have to gain individually).  So there are no any standards for Robots, if there is a standard for Robots, they can share their knowledge with other Robots and increase the efficiency.  

“Robo Earth” is a network or communication channel for Robots and also it is a global database for them. This database contains the knowledge of that each Robot gains in the environment. As an example if a Robot working in the kitchen, he knows the road map of a kitchen, temperature of the kitchen, humidity of the kitchen, obstacles map in the kitchen etc. That Robot uploads its knowledge about the kitchen to the “Robo Earth” database, so a new Robot can easily work in the kitchen with previous Robot details in “Robo Earth” database. No need again program the new Robot, new Robot can directly connect to “Robo Earth” and download the knowledge where previously uploaded. So new Robot can work like a experienced one.

This is really like an internet for Robots; there are some protocols and standard to connect Robot and sharing information.  I think this is good news for Robots; they can use their Internet (“Robo Earth”) to share information and improve their Artificial intelligence. Robots can transformation with this network and humans can get the full benefit of it. I think “Robo Earth” will be a new Era for Robot and humans because in future Robots may do lots of work than human. “Robo Earth” will be a police for Robots. 

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Hidden Windows Programs and XP Hidden Software

Do you know that some of windows programs are hidden in your operating system? These programs called windows utilities and those are like other windows software. If you have windows XP these codes will work definitely (I didn’t check in windows 7).  

Open Start --> Run

In the Run type these codes,

Iexpress : Command open a new wizard box and this software create .exe files. Simple this package will help you to create self extracting and self installing packages.

mplay32 : This will open a hidden media player that you can use to play .MP3, .WAV files(not .avi).

drwtsn32 : This will open Dr. Watson for windows utility and help for repairing windows.

Eudcedit : You can create any kind of character and save it. Private character editor is the name of this.

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Check Nokia Original or Fake by using IMEI No

Nokia is a world most famous mobile brand. The quality of the Nokia mobile will change with the assembling country of the phone. Lets we check the quality of your mobile phone using IMEI number.

First check your mobile IMEI (International mobile identification) number. You can find it under the battery (Remove battery and check) also you can check by typing *#06#. This number looks like

Ex: nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (15 digit number)
Now check the 7th and 8th digit of the mobile.
Ex: nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Now check your mobile phone made country,
  • 02 or 20 : Mobile phone assembled in Dubai with very low quality.
  • 08 or 80 : Mobile phone assembled in Germany with good quality.
  • 01 or 10 : Mobile phone assembled in Finland with great quality.
  • 00 : Mobile phone assembled with best quality.
  • 13 : Mobile is assembled  with very lowest quality with harm to your health made in Azerbaijan. 

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Sony Ericsson Mobile Secret Codes and Tricks

Do you have a Sony Ericsson phone? Then these secrets code may be very helpful for you guys. And also if you willing to buy a Sony Ericsson phone then by using these codes you can find out the used time of the phone, and other important facts about the Sony Ericsson mobile.

  • IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) = *#06#
  • Shortcut to Last Dialed Number = 0#
  • Change the Themes = < 0000 >
  • Lock Status = < * * <
  • Get Sim Numbers = Any Number [1-9] then # ex: 6#
  • Sony Ericsson secret menu = > * < < * < *

In the secret menu you can find Phone model, software info, Model number, configuration info, Sim lock status, real time clock, total call time and text labels details. Also this menu can use to find out the services that given by the phone, also you can test these hardware parts of the phone, which are working fine or not.  Hard ware parts are Main Display, Camera, LED/ Illumination, Flash LED, Keyboard, Earphone, Speaker, Microphone, Radio and Vibrator Tests.

Symbol details above mentioned.
  • < : Joystick or Arrow Key  Left Hand Side
  • > : Joystick or  Arrow Key Right Hand Side
  • * : Star Symbol
  • # : Hash Symbol

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How to Use Laptop Battery Efficiency and Protects it

These days, laptop is a very common thing in the world. Why did you use laptop? Simple answer is it’s portable and can work without power (Using the battery).  So laptop battery is very important and useful thing in the laptop. If you do not use your laptop battery correctly, it will be useless in very shorter period of time. What are the protecting ways of laptop battery?

Heat is something that can reduce your laptop battery lifetime. Don’t ever put your laptop inside car (because of heat) or any other places with high heat. It is always recommended to use a laptop cooling pad when you work with the laptop. When heat increases, the discharging rate of the battery also increases and also it reduces the lifetime. Also if you use your laptop in AC room it is very good thing and do not ever keep your laptop on the bed it will blocks the head removal of the laptop.

It is good practice that, if your laptop battery discharge a bit (like 80% available) then again charges the battery to 100% available, it reduces the depreciation of laptop battery. If your battery discharged up to 100 %( Dead battery), then charge it, the depreciation percentage of battery is very high than previous mentioned way. As an example 100% discharge battery can use like 500 times but for 10% discharge battery can use like 4700 times.  So it is important that not wait until your battery discharged up to 100%. Also it is important to use power management system in laptop.
If you do not use laptop for a longer period of time, it is good to remove your battery and store it in dry cool place (When storing battery, recommended available power is 40%).  So what are the most important facts?

Charge the battery before full discharge it. Also “Lithium Iron” battery doesn’t have “memory effect” so no need to discharge fully.  It is good thing to charge your battery any time and also connect laptop directly to power. It is good thing for laptop battery life time. I also use that method, I’m always connects my laptop to power when I’m using it. I think now you confused bit that Is it good thing to connect fully charged laptop to direct power? Simple answer is it is very good, but also remember, for 1 week or 1 month time discharge your battery to 10% and charge it because to ensure that charging and discharging process of battery working fine. 

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Importance of CMOS vs BIOS Settings

To start the mother board there should be some in-built instruction be in somewhere inside computer. The “BIOS” (Basic Input Output System) is the in-built instructions to start the mother board. These instructions are located in a special chip and we can’t change BIOS basic data.

The instruction need to run the BIOS program are located inside the motherboard, in a special chip call “CMOS - Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor”. The speciality of this chip is it can store the data for a very longer period with little battery power. As an example your computer date and time auto updates using this CMOS.

If we remove and again fix the battery, following details again we have to correct.
  • Date & Time
  • First Boot Device
  • VGA / AGP Shared Memory
  • Input/ Output Device
  • CMOS password

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Phone Myth Answers Phone by Left Ear

“Answer the phone by Left ear”, I saw this quote spreading around social networking and emails. But this is another phone myth that “Left ear is good to answer calls”. And also they said that the distance to brain from LEFT ear (X) is greater than the distance to brain from RIGHT ear (Y) (X>Y), that why it is good to use the left ear. That is also a myth that there’s no any experiment shows that (X>Y), as we learned in high school science brain is in symmetric position in brain-pan. You can use your both ears to answer phones.

But it is a good thing that you interchange the ears when you’re in a long call. And also using handsfree is a good thing when you use mobile. But remember to use the branded mobile phone for own safe.

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Pardus Linux Operating System from Turkey New Version Dama Dama

Pardus is a Linux operating system and now days it is more popular among the world community. Turkey government is sponsored to create this Pardus Linux OS and that is the specialty of Pardus. This OS is open for the world and you can download it from here. This is made out for the special purposes of Turkey government but also ordinary people can use this Pardus OS.  

The newest version of Pardus called “Dama Dama” (Pardus 2011.1) lately released and it has both 32 bit and 64 bit architecture. For “Dama dama” Turkey used Linux Kernel and is has a shape of Gentoo Linux OS. “Dama dama” contains KDE SC 4.6.5 desktop environment, Libre Office 3.4(Office Package), The Gimp 2.5.11(Photo editing tool) and Mozilla Firefox 5 as web browser.

Pardus is somewhat smaller Linux OS but it is fast. Web Security and OS security is the main concern of Pardus. Turkey government asking their people to use this Turkey owned OS and all the Turkey government offices use Pardus now. Actually the main concern of creating the country owns new OS is the safety of country from hackers.

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Myth of Hidden Batter Power in Nokia Code 3370

Recently an email came to me and expressed that, “Entering *3370# code will unlock a reserve amount of battery”. This is a totally myth around the Nokia users that some code will unlock the reserved power. Other myth is when battery is dead; you can allow getting a call from this power. There is no such a power like that in Nokia phone. What actually this *3370# will do?

In Nokia phone there are two sound systems called “Full Rate Codec” (High Quality) and “Half Rate Codec” (Low Quality). Full Rate Codec uses more power than Half Rate Codec. Code *3370# enable this “Full Rate Codec” system and *#4720# enables “Half Rate Codec” system. If you type *3370# and send, it enables high quality sounds and reduce your battery power soon. So ignore those useless mails.

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Professor Heinz Wolff’s Gravity Walkthroughs Game for Egg Heads

Professor Heinz Wolff’s Gravity is latest technical game for game seekers who like something with technical and science. Famous British Professor Heinz Wolff is the main founder and consultant of this game and this is his idea that the game with gravity. Also the main character of this game is Professor Heinz Wolff.

The main concept of this game is gravity. Object of the Professor Heinz Wolff’s Gravity Walkthroughs is to move the given ball to a given ending point with the shortest path. Actually this is kind of a puzzle game for people who like to use the brain more.

When the game starts you have to decide the path and by moving given 3D Cubes, Ball, Triangles you have to create the correct path by drag and drop those items. There are 100 levels in this game and if you face some difficulty in the game Professor Heinz Wolff will help you. Use your brain and complete all 100 levels.   

Watch the Game Play of Professor Heinz Wolff’s Gravity

System requirements:
• Operating system Microsoft ® Windows ® XP or VISTA
• RAM 512 MB
• Processor with 1 GHz
• Free disk space, 1 GB
• Video-class GeForce MX or higher
• Sound DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card

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Cell Phone Cancer Risk and Brain Tumor Causes

This is a famous and most discussed gossip topic that “Can brain tumors caused by using cell phones for longer period?”. Recently starting with Professor “John Boice” and a group of scientists from “Denmark Vanderbilt” university found that “there’s no such an effect that causing Brain Tumors with mobile phones”.

In their experiment they choose 2.8 million random people that uses mobile phones over 15 years. Then separate the people who have brain tumors among this 2.8 million. Then calculate the percentage (X) of brain tumor caused people among mobile phone user more than 15 years. After calculate the percentage(X) compare it with the percentage(Y) of Brain Tumor caused people in whole Denmark (Mobile phone users and not). Final conclusion is,

Percentage Brain Tumor Caused People using mobile phones is less than the Percentage of whole Denmark who got brain tumors (X<Y). I think this is very good news for who have uncertainty about mobile phones with tumors and long time mobile phone users.

But this experiment not meant that using a mobile phone for a longer period is a good thing. WHO (World Health Organization) confirmed that Mobile phone is a carcinogenic item. Also when you using a mobile phone, brain’s Glucose concentration increasing.  When there’s a cancer in a brain then also brain’s Glucose concentration increasing. So any one can’t conclude what’s actually happening inside brain with mobile radiations. Cell phones not cause Tumors but cancers. 
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Hawk-Eye Technology System for Accuracy of Sport

Now days Hawk Eye technology mostly uses in sports like cricket, tennis, snooker etc. If we think sports like tennis or cricket, this technology use to identify the route of the ball, fault service or not (Tennis), LBW (cricket) like facts. So if umpire has done any mistake Hawk Eye technology solve the problem.  The bunch of Engineers in Rock Manor Research Institute in United Kingdom is the founders of this technology. After that this Hawk-Eye becomes popular in the world. Actually Hawk-Eye is just a commercial name of this technology. Lets we look at how this technology works?

I’ll explain it by using sports (Tennis or cricket). First the technical team of Hawk Eye create a “3 Dimensional Model” of the play ground in the computer. Then they setup 4 high speed cameras around the ground (Actual Play ground) (In cricket it covers the pitch, in tennis it covers the court) and mark that actual camera positions in 3 Dimensional Model also. The important thing is these high speed cameras do not change its positions throughout the match (Else all calculation will go wrong).

When ball is in the air these high speed cameras stars to take photos of the ball. 4 cameras are synchronised to take photos in same time intervals. In each and every photo the centre of the ball feeds to the computer as a parameter. As we take photos from 4 cameras the system can draw the ball in 3D model (in 1 second, 1 camera will take like 100 photos).  That’s how this hawks eye technology works. But there are some errors also in this Hawk-Eye technology. What are they?

In this system in doesn’t care about the wind speed and also when the ball bounces can we get the full accuracy path? But will all the errors the maximum error can be 5mm. 

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Global Positioning System Satellites Information (GPS)

Global Positioning system simply GPS is very popular technology system that uses to find the location where we are or else locate some location in earth. In early days this GPS technology used for wars. Actually as a result of an experiment (US Navy and US Air force together did thing experiment in 1960) GPS (Global Positioning system) technology opens to the world. After sometimes this technology popular among the ordinary people, now the times GPS Navigation Units are in cars, mobile even wrist watches. The question is how this GPS works? How it locate our location?
GPS technology is based on satellite technology. There are 24 satellites in the air to work with this GPS system. Each location of the earth is covered by minimum 4 satellites. In that way these 24 satellites are rotating around earth. Normally these satellites are located in 20000Km ahead from earth and each and every time these satellites are sharing their information with GPS controlling Stations (GPS controlling Stations is controlling by US Air Force and it ensure that system works properly). Also inside these satellites, there is a special clock called “Atomic Clock” to get the accuracy time in satellite. The important thing is distance between these satellites is never change. Then we look at how it works.
First GPS system starts in the GPS receiver (Things it’s our mobile phone). Next GPS receiver connects with satellites and gets the information (“Location of satellite” and “time in satellite”) from 3 satellites. After get all information we can calculate the location that we are in the earth. Then, by using the 4th satellite the receiver check that the calculated value correct or not. Normally GPS systems are very accurate and maximum error is 5-10m.
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Hybrid Vehicle Systems and Details

Hybrid vehicles are very popular these days because of its look and also less fuel usage. Toyota Prius and Honda Insight are very popular cars that use hybrid system very successfully. What is this hybrid? How it works? I know these are the question that’s beside you about these hybrid vehicles. 

As we know normal cars has internal combustion engine as the power source. Petrol or Diesel is use as the fuel and for this engine. Inside the engine there are pistons, they move up and down to gain power for the vehicle. But in hybrids, combustion engine and also there is an electric motor which works on current work together to supply the power to drive the vehicle. Electric motor gets power by using a special battery. Most of these batteries made of Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-mH) or Lithium Ion (Li-Ion). So this name “hybrid” came because these vehicles use to power sources to gain power to drive.

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How 3D Films Born with Pencil

Did you ever watched 3D films like Shrek, Up, Rio, Avatar ? Did you ever think that start of this film is a pencil art work? I think your answer is "No", Most of the 3D films born with a simple sketch of a pencil. So What are the Steps may follow to create a 3D film starts with pencil sketch? See the process below,

1. Starting image 
2. layout stage
3. Character animation
4. Shading/ Colour and Texture 
5. Lighting and reflections 

So i think now you know about the basic starting process of 3D film.
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No Nobel Prize for Mathematics Why?

Nobel prize is awarded for 6 areas, such as Physics,Chemistry,Physiology & medicine,Peace,Literature,Economics. But did you ever come up with why there's No Nobel prize for mathematics? I got an email and said that

“No Nobel Prize is awarded for mathematics because a mathematician was having an affair with Alfred Nobel's wife.“

is this truth? It can't be because  Alfred Nobel is an unmarried person. So why there is no Nobel prize for mathematics. The reason is that, Nobel prize awarded for the development of humanity but Mathematics is fully based on theories so it's like calculation of a equation.

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