Is It Necessary to Eject before Remove the Flash Drive ?

USB flash drives are very common among all the computer users to travel data. If you want to move any kinds of computer data like images, videos and songs one computer to another, most of the time we'll use flash drives (Pen Drive). 

There is a Myth among computer users that it is necessary to eject ("Eject" means go to task bar then click "Remove Hardware" and select the correct flash drive and click "Eject")  before remove the flash drive from the computer.  These are some rumors that if you remove the flash drive without eject it,

1. All the data in the flash drive may lose
2. Flash drive or the computer may damage 

After finishing copied all the data from the computer to the Flash drive (or other side), if you remove it (without eject) from the computer, there's no damage or data loss occurs. But most important when the data  copying if you remove the flash drive, all the data or part of the data will lose.  Also it may damage to the flash drive, but there's no damage to the computer. So do not ever remove the flash drive when the data the exchanging. 

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