What is CSV files and CSV File Format?

When you use day today files in computer did you ever experienced a file type (file extension) called “CSV”? “CSV” file format can be used to store data (like database). Actually CSV files store data as “basic database format”. Most of the websites use this CSV files to keep their data without using a database. The biggest advantage of CSV file is it can be opened with any text editor (can edit manually). Other advantage is this data can easily input to the website or program. As an example, a website needs to track on phones (1000 phones) then the website can use CSV file to keep this 1000 phone details.

If you want to create a CSV file you can use software like Microsoft Excel. Enter the data in the excel sheet and save the Xcel file with extension “.csv”. 

This is how “CSV” file look when it opens in notepad.

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