Human Robot ASIMO of Honda, New Generation Robot

What is the mean of “humanoid robot” or “anthropomorphic robot”? If a robot designs as the shape of human body those are called “humanoid robot” or “anthropomorphic robot”. The Japanese company “Honda” is very famous for designs humanoid robots. “ASIMO” (Advances Step in Innovation Mobility) is the first humanoid robots released by Honda in year 2000.

In early days, ASIMO robot can handle only limited number of tasks; it’s just a general robot with a human kit. But Honda not stopped with that, recently they developed a new generation of “ASIMO” as their latest releases. In 2011 Nov 8, they showed their new version of ASIMO, it’s a multipurpose robot and really like a kid.

New ASIMO can talk with 3 people simultaneously and identified their command separately. And also new ASIMO can answer the 3 people command separately. This humanoid robot has very flexible fingers and ASIMO can easily pour water from bottle to glass.

New ASIMO has a flexible hands and legs, it works same as human. This characteristic helps this robot to jump, run, walk in inclined surface, walk in steps and many more. The help of these ASIMO robots is they can easily use to work places that harm to people. As an example they can use to clean the destroyed nuclear power plants. The new ASIMO is creates a new generation of Robots and it will really helpful in future work.

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