Microsoft and Mozilla, Bing Search Engine Comes with Firefox

This is the latest league of Microsoft and Mozilla. Now with the Firefox browser, Bing search engine comes as the default search engine. This is a new agreement between Mozilla and Microsoft companies and to publish this around the world Microsoft launched a new website ( By using above site you can download the Firefox with default Bing search engine. In previously if you want Bing search engine with Firefox you have to download the Add-on and install it.

This is a new strategy of Microsoft to promote their search engine and give a competition to Google. In the world internet community, 52.6% using internet explorer, 22.5% using Firefox and 17.6% using Google Chrome. With the browsers, Microsoft has a clear lead but with the search engines Microsoft is way below to the Google. In world community 82.4% using Google search, 6.8% using Yahoo search engine and only 4.2% using Bing search engine.

Microsoft needs a quick boost of their search engine Bing, which is the plan of this agreement. With this agreement Microsoft can introduce their Bing search engine to Firefox users. Gaining a Free publicity to Firefox browser is the advantage to Mozilla. 50 – 50 advantages to both parties but can Bing SE give a competition to Google?  

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