How to Use Laptop Battery Efficiency and Protects it

These days, laptop is a very common thing in the world. Why did you use laptop? Simple answer is it’s portable and can work without power (Using the battery).  So laptop battery is very important and useful thing in the laptop. If you do not use your laptop battery correctly, it will be useless in very shorter period of time. What are the protecting ways of laptop battery?

Heat is something that can reduce your laptop battery lifetime. Don’t ever put your laptop inside car (because of heat) or any other places with high heat. It is always recommended to use a laptop cooling pad when you work with the laptop. When heat increases, the discharging rate of the battery also increases and also it reduces the lifetime. Also if you use your laptop in AC room it is very good thing and do not ever keep your laptop on the bed it will blocks the head removal of the laptop.

It is good practice that, if your laptop battery discharge a bit (like 80% available) then again charges the battery to 100% available, it reduces the depreciation of laptop battery. If your battery discharged up to 100 %( Dead battery), then charge it, the depreciation percentage of battery is very high than previous mentioned way. As an example 100% discharge battery can use like 500 times but for 10% discharge battery can use like 4700 times.  So it is important that not wait until your battery discharged up to 100%. Also it is important to use power management system in laptop.
If you do not use laptop for a longer period of time, it is good to remove your battery and store it in dry cool place (When storing battery, recommended available power is 40%).  So what are the most important facts?

Charge the battery before full discharge it. Also “Lithium Iron” battery doesn’t have “memory effect” so no need to discharge fully.  It is good thing to charge your battery any time and also connect laptop directly to power. It is good thing for laptop battery life time. I also use that method, I’m always connects my laptop to power when I’m using it. I think now you confused bit that Is it good thing to connect fully charged laptop to direct power? Simple answer is it is very good, but also remember, for 1 week or 1 month time discharge your battery to 10% and charge it because to ensure that charging and discharging process of battery working fine. 

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