Found a Bug in Windows after 17 years

This is real amazing bug that placed since windows DOS to windows 7. In February 2010, they solved this problem by February windows security updates. This is the first time that Microsoft realized security patch for all windows operating systems at same time for a same bug. In any operating systems there are some bugs, no one can create perfect OS. Only thing is reduce the bugs. 
This bug was found by Travis Ormandy in the Google. If some hacker found this bug, Hacker can easily create some dangerous viruses though this bug. So Microsoft always checking their bugs and fix it. But the Microsoft researchers also couldn’t find this bug for 17 years but a researcher of google Travis Omandi found and informs it to Microsoft. 
Travis Ormandy was working with the Utility that can run old programs in new windows editions; he found a “place” where a new program can install to control that utility (windows control this utility but after install a new program person can control that utility). With that someone can go though it and go to the windows source codes and can change or control that source code as he like. By this can create a dangerous virus for windows.
But fortunately this bug couldn’t find to any hacker. It found by person who know the value of OS. After found this bug he informed to the Microsoft and they kept this as a secret. After realized the security patch they published this secret.

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