Lead Uses Please be Aware of Poisoning when Solder Circuits

Most of the student, kids likes to learn about electronics, circuits and related things. Especially they likes to build various LED circuits, timers, Amplifiers etc. But when you create some electronic stuff like circuit did you ever come up the harms of it. Most of the harms happen to us without any notice, so it is very important aware of these harms when building circuits. So who is the most dangerous thing in electronics? 
Most of you give the answer as “Electric shock”. But it is not the correct answer the correct answer is “Lead Poisoning”. Lead is a carcinogenic thing and also “Lead” metal leads to so many illnesses. Regarding the “OHSA” the highest value of Lead is 0.5 micro grams (person of 70kg) can enter the human body (0.5 micro grams = mass of 0.1 mm hair) per day. So it is very small amount. After using the Lead it is very important to wash your hands properly. If you do not do it, definitely some micro grams of Lead will enter your body with foods. A highest concentration of Lead gives these symptoms,
  • Allergies
  • Instant Angry
  • Reduce Reaction time
  • Sleeping Difficulties
  • Abnormal Pains
  • Other illnesses 

Starting from above illnesses and it increases to bones, heart, lungs, nerves and etc. The small kids should have known these facts carefully when building circuits. Also there are some other harm metals mixed with Lead, so be aware about that also.

Some known mistakes when creating circuits,

  • Smell the solder fragrant of Lead
  • Put Lead sticks inside mouth
  • Doing soldering in closed rooms
  • Scratch the circuit board using nails.
  • Eating while solder

So be aware of these facts when solder circuits.

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