10 Useful Programs for Windows or Essential Software Services

When you using your computer in day today life, you will need software for do your tasks. As an example, if you want to watch a film there should be some media player installed to your computer. There are some recommended programs or software for each task and below top 10 software package will essential software package for your day today life.

Download anything in the internet very fast - Internet Download Manager 6.7

Uninstall any unusable program easily - Total Uninstall5.9.3

Easily burn CD/DVD - BurnAwareProfessional 3.0.4

Extract and Zip any file easily -  Winrar 360 or 7 zip 2011

Delete unnecessary files and speed up the computer - ccleaner3.07

Play and media file – K-Lite Codec Pack 640 and other media players

Convert any video file - AVC Converter

Recover deleted files and folder - Recover My Filesv4.6.8.993

Protect files and folders - Folder Lock 5.2.6

Edit the videos - Ulead Video Studio 11 plus

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