What is Windows Automatic Updates ?

If you have a genuine windows operating system, in time to time you can see there is a message displays that “Restart your computer to finish installing important updates” (You should have to turn on the automatic updates for this).

What is this “Windows Automatic Updates” and how it works? This is a common problem for computer users. Windows Automatic Updates Includes,

  • Error fixes of the operating system.
  • New extensions of the operating system.
  • Automatic updates Increase the immunity to viruses.
  • Automatic updates ensure that new software compatibility to operating system.
Most of the older versions of windows do not compatible to the latest software programs.  If you want to run those applications, what you can do is install the latest version of windows or turn on the automatic windows updates. Note that; most importantly please ensure that your computer has genuine windows operating system to use automatic updates. And it is highly recommend turning on automatic updates always. 

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