Google Desktop Instant Access to All Google Products

This is one of the latest products that the Google published. This is very useful tool for internet surfers that uses internet a lot. After install the Google desktop tool, it will display in the sidebar of the desktop.  

Feature of Google Desktop

  • You can load any Google products like Gmail, G talk, Google search, Google Plus etc.
  • A brief view of your Gmail, it will shows a part of the title in the emails.
  • Also you can add your favorite websites and latest updates of those sites. Images will not show.
  • Double pressing of CTRL button will enable the Google Search. (For this feature it is not essential to add sidebar, just need Google Desktop install and run).
  • The latest previous searched term will not get erase from the search bar. You do have to do it manually.
  • Also you can add, time, date, photo slider, calendar widgets to this Google Desktop bar.
  • For your own safety, log off from Google if you go out from the computer.

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