Mouse Wheel Options and Tips

Most of the new mouse (computer ;)) has a mouse wheel. Did you ever come up with the question that “what is the use of this mouse wheel?” I know that most of you never used this mouse wheel except scrolling pages. So we’ll look at what are the functions available in mouse wheel.
  • You can scroll down the page (you know it already)
  • Click the link in a webpage with your mouse wheel; link will open in a new tab of the browser.  (This option same as “Right click > Open in a new tab option”.
  • On any file like (PDF, Word) or web page click  (you will get this icon) (No need of keep pressing just one click enough) the Mouse Wheel and then go Upside, downside, left side, right side easily. By using method you can go around the file (if big size file this method is very suitable).
  • Press the CTRL key in the keyboard and roll the mouse wheel, you can see the page zoom in and zoom out.

These are some secret tips of using mouse wheel easily. I know most of you will not aware of at least one of these options. 

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