How to create a Keyboard locking Fun Virus

Actually this is a fun virus that we can create easily. This is no harm to your system so don’t worry. When we run this virus it will lock the keyboard and caps lock, num lock, scroll lock lights are lighting one after the other. That’s all. So let’s start.

Copy the below code and paste it in the notepad. The Save it as “KeyBordlockVirus.vbs” (Name of the virus you can decide but after the name the extension should be .vbs)

Now double click on the KeyBordlockVirus.vbs file, and then you can see that num, caps, scroll lock bulbs lighting one after the other and the keyboard get locked.
So to Stop this virus go to task manager(clt+alt+delete) then go to processes and stop the process WSCRIPT.EXE now fun virus is over.

Come again we’ll create another fun virus next time.

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